December fly salon

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. I'll post a pic in the next couple days. Got a hardcore happy hour tonight, so taking pics afterward would be a bad idea :p
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  2. Caddis guys... caddis
  3. Here is a pic of Pat's Hopper. These things are sweet.


    Now back to the poopae.
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  4. one more bump for submissions before decembers over. I know theres a lot going on this time of year so I figured I had to pick a theme that everyone could come up with a fly for. Tie up your favorite, or pull one out of you box and get a pic posted! otherwise Ill have to choose between porterhaus who was the winner of the month before last, or kelvin who I believe has already won in the past, not that thats a bad thing, I just wanted to have a little more variety.:)
  5. Butch Caddis, size 18.

  6. Here's one I use a lot. Quick and easy to tie, no need to keep it neat, the scruffier the better, I think! Sits in the surface film, and works great on Italian spring creeks.

    Hook: Partridge #16
    Thread and tag: Sparton (About a 10/0) Green
    Wing: Elk-hair
    Dubbing: Dark Hare's Mask with guard hairs teased out

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  7. Here's mine...

    It's a larger softhackle in October colors that was proven on late sumer steelhead this past season. Tied on a #8 heavy wire hook. The last photo shows the scale of the fly better.



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  8. Very nice, Thomas! Especially when seen full-sized.

  9. My humble submission
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  10. Heres mine, nothing too fancy. Brian, that is a sweet fly!

    caddis poopah.JPG
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  11. So after lots of staring at all of the submissions, the winner is brian thomas. The creativity, originality and hook choice were second to none in this months salon. thanks all for participating

    What is that hook by the way, and what did you use for the wing pads? It looks damn near irresistable
  12. very nice tie indeed!
  13. Thomas, I like the looks of these. What kind of feather are you using for the hackle on these large soft hackles?

  14. Hungarian Partridge - some of the stiffer feathers almost on the wing in the shoulder area.
  15. Congratulations, Brian! Very nice fly indeed, and a most worthy winner!

  16. Good photo and good fly.
    I shoot my fly photos with a Nikon D7000, 105mm closeup lens and closeup rings. Umbrella strobes from Alien Bees (cheapest out there, and plenty strong enough for flies). I like to use a sky blue background, set far enough back it's never in focus.
  17. Nice tie Brian. Look forward to this month's salon.
  18. whats next?
  19. Oops ! My bad . I have`nt looked at this thread in awhile . My apologies .

    I`ll get something figured out and posted by the end of the evening .

  20. did this get dropped or am I missing something?

    whats the theme for February?

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