December Spey Tying Roundtable

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by speyman, Dec 2, 2004.

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    There will be a Spey tying roundtable on Sunday December 19 from 2-4pm at 'All About the Fly' in Monroe. This is an opportunity for tiers of all levels to get together and work on a pattern and have a good exchange of ideas and techniques. Bring a vise, tools, and thread, the rest is provided free of charge. Hosted by Jack Cook.

    We will be getting ready for winter by tying the Sunburst Spey.

    Thread – black
    Tag – Embossed Copper
    Body – Black Iridescent Dubbing
    Rib – Embossed Copper
    Spey Hackle – Sunburst
    Throat – Natural Guinea
    Wing – Bronze Mallard


    Come and join us for an afternoon of fly tying and fun!
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    Just a quick reminder about the upcoming Spey Roundtable. This should be a fun event - Jack's a great teacher and you're sure to learn something new.
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    Rats! I'll be on my way to Tucson!
  4. 7FLY Rob Novak

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    I would sure do my best to get there.