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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mike doughty, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. mike doughty

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    How is the salt fishing in december in this area. I thought about maybe trying to fish below deception bridge off the beach. Is it worth it or not and what would i most likely, fish wise, be getting into? i am only home for about 2 weeks before heading to utah so i am trying to keep as many fishing possablities open during that time. if i did head out there i would most likely fish the salt early in the day and finish off the evening at pass lake.
  2. boxcar

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    I have fished the northern Whidbey beaches around Deception Pass in the summers for pinks and done very well, but have admittedly never fished there in December. I'm not sure what you're likely to find at that time of year and than an entire beach all to yourself. Perhaps there may be a blackmouth or steelhead cruising through but I imagine it will be a tough game. That's a lot of water to cover for very few fish. Any cutts and dollies that you would find around those parts earlier in the year will be well-settled in the rivers in December, gorging themselves on chum spawn. All but the last fleeting coho will be riverbound in December. December can be a great month for resident coho but the few remaining tend to be concentrated in the South Sound and are best located by boat. The Skagit is not far from your intended destination and ought to be fishing well for dollies, if not coho and chum.

    My .02
  3. mike doughty

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    Actually i'm closer to the mouth of the skagit even though i am not sure exactly how to get to the mouth. I haven't quite figured out how to decifer the salt water portion of the regs., can i assume that the area around the mouth of the skagit would be open at that time.
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    To find mouth of the Skagit you need a copy of the regs and a good map showing land marks. Probably a map of Skagit county would do the trick as the Washington state atlas doesn't show them. That is about all of the info I can give you.

  5. boxcar

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    I've done a little exploring on the NF Skagit and found very little shorebound fishing opportunity. I think prospecting from a small boat or sled would be a little more productive if you have access to one. If you check it out on foot, be prepared for a very mucky trudge and watch the tides. At low tide you face miles of shallow muddy flats that are a little sketchy to try to wade. The incoming tide can come in quickly and it's very easy to find yourself trapped if you're not paying close attention. December's a little cold for an unexpected swim.

    Good luck!
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    I'm not sure which fork it is, but my brother in law has a dock on the river acroosed the bridge and down the dike from conway. that is as close to the mouth as i have ever fished.
  7. Old Man

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    Down the road from Conway you Have Milltown, pop. 3 I think. From there upstream on the S/F you can walk the dike. Lots of areas to fish but those areas are taken up by the bait boys. Plus you also have access to Fisher Slough. What you need in there is a boat. Not a pontoon boat as there are lots of snags sticking up. A boat will get you into many of the back waters that abound in that area. :thumb:

  8. Randy Diefert

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    December Fishing on Whidbey

    If you go to Ala Spit you will directly across from The Skagit mouth and the STeelhead have to go by there after they come through the pass. You'll be 15 minutes from Pass Lake after you're worn out from reeling in the big ones.
    He's right though you'll have the beach (almost) to yourself under the bridge.
    Only a few die hards fish there maybe because they don't know. Another spot is to drive to the end of the road at Cornet Bay and fish there.
    For Blackmouth you'll need a boat and mooching gear because; they're deep.