Deep Red Duck Spey

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Davy Active Member

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    I can "only" tie 16's & 20's and 22's for so long, then the monster awakens again. :beathead: :beathead:

    Hook is a 3/0 Alec Jackson spey
    rear half body is red holographic tinsel over pearl
    front half is red simi-seal
    med oval silver rib
    Dyed black mallard flank hackle
    then a black blue-ear or other over natural teal throat
    Mallard Drake rump feather wing ( GP crest over )
    JC sides

    Happy Easter

    Davy :beer1: :)

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  2. willieboat Member

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    I'm with you about large flies. This one looks "large and in-charge!"

    Good Easter to you. :beer2:

  3. pwoens Active Member

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    This is such a BEAUTIFUL fly......I would never fish it cause its a spey fly :p , but never-the-less, its simply stunning :thumb:

    Thanks for the ok ;)