Deer and coyotes

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  1. Caught on a trail cam in my area. Have found two freshly killed fawns already this year.

  2. vermin, sorta like politicians!
  3. Great photos as usual Ribka.

    My wife went out one morning a while back to get the paper still wearing her robe and no makeup. She looked up and there was a coyote trying to get at the neighbor's cat that was hiding under his car. The coyote took a look at my wife and hauled ass. I told my wife that was how they got the term "coyote ugly", that's when the fight started. True story.

    Time to get the calls out and go after some of these guys. I can't since I live in West Seattle and no one here thinks we should harm the little fuzzy animals. But you go get'em Ribka, I know you have the rifle and knowhow to do it. Or you can wait until the wolf population has grown enough to do it for you...
  4. You mean "exactly" like politicians don't you?
  5. Beautiful photos!

    Don't hesitate to harvest as many coyotes as you can!
  6. honestly imo coyotes are the biggest predator of deer , mainly fawns, but up at my familys place in bc, when the snow gets deep with a crust on it they take down full grown deer. Dont hesitate to kill a few, im not sure what the fur prices on coyotes are these days but any money you make could pay for the ammo.
  7. It's just mother nature in action , why mess with the system, this is how we messed up steelhead .Humans always think we know whats best!!!!
  8. The local deer population is down around 70% the past five years due to hair loss parasites.This is according to the local game biologists. Fawns taking taking a big hit from coyotes. Found two more dead partially eaten fawns this past weekend. Saw a coyote last night going after a blue grouses chicks above the house. Scared him off.

    I shoot 4-6 yotes in the area a year and that is usually enough to keep local population in check and seems to help them stay away from the livestock, chickens and our cat. Plus the area is hunted by others. Have noticed and what seems like a lot more yotes more this year.

    Won't eat a yote because they carry a lot of parasites and worms. I use what I can to tie flies. If shot in the Winter tan the hides
  9. :thumb:
    Don't worry heading over to Idaho in November with a wolf tag.:thumb:
  10. Wolf tag: outstanding, those pictures I want to see, too.
  11. Please do go on Benny,
    I'm afraid I don't understand the correlation between us shooting coyotes and us messing up steelhead. I suppose we dammed the coyotes migration routes and destroyed large amounts of their habitat and overharvested them and that's why they are in such bad shape, and we can only harvest hatchery yotes now? Or are the deer the steelhead and the coyotes the pikeminnow? Sarcasm aside, I agree it would be wonderful if we could just let the natural system do its own thing, but the human footprint on this planet is too insanely large to pretend we aren't having an effect, and in my opinion its better that we try to mitigate those effects than to ignore them. I'll admit I don't personally have a strong opinion or even understanding of the coyote situation, and I'm not defending a "kill 'em all" approach by any means, I just don't understand your generalization.
    Oh, and for what its worth, I've never shot a coyote, and enjoy watching the ones that I do come across.
  12. Coyotes in the city:thumb:Keep the cats indoors where they belong. Thinking it's okay to let them out is the same as you planting bass just so you can fish for bass wherever you want. IE-bucket biology.

    As for a over population in the country. I don't know anything about what is too many. (Are they overpopulating?) If you can't live with a few, you shouldn't be living there. If they are praying on the deer, their doing hunters a favor. By taking the weak out of the gene pool, they are helping to repair the damage done by hunters (who only take the best of the gene pool). I'll never understand the shortsightedness of this. I don't have a problem with hunting. Just trophy hunting.

    I'm sure this view will get under the collar of some of you. Just remember. This is only my opinion and in in no way a direct attack on you.
  13. Comparing coyotes and steelhead seems like a stretch to me. The "messing with mother nature" argument has led to the current overpopulation of wolves in the Western states. I won't hesitate to harvest a predator if given the opportunity (legally of course).
  14. Those are great pictures. Thanks for posting them.
  15. The only good politician's a DEAD one! Whoops!! I mean coyote:rofl::rofl::rofl: (like there's a difference?)
  16. Last year I peppered a yote with two rounds of #6...I was standing on the side hill watching my dog work the thick brush below me in a draw and happened to notice the brush/grass moving about 20 yards behind my dog. The yote popped out of the grass and winded me, the split second it took me to realize he was stalking my dog he made way for the other side of the draw...that's when he lost some fur! I wish I had my 38 with me...

    Normally I'd say live and let live, but his intention was no my response was the same.

  17. I agree, We have made to big of a foot print were we are in charge of poulation now why do you think they have limits on things?

    But arent mountian lions a bigger treat to deer then coyotes? and wolf's hunt in packs more then coyotes do and they are bigger, which leaves me to think we would rather have coyotes then wolf's.
    We have deer hunting land in eastern washington and we believe that the cougars are the main reason the population has gone down, because they can eat up to a deer a week usually.

    Any thoughts?
  18. Tried to send you a pm but your mailbox is full.
  19. I think you are pretty good in assuming that an increase in the cougar population has had a negative impact on deer herds in that area. Since hound hunting was banned the cat populations have been thriving. Whether or not they have more of an effect than coyotes, I do not know. But I do know that coyotes won't hesitate to make a meal out of a deer fawn
  20. Ptuting a big hurt on the fawns this year. Seeing a lot more coyotes this year in E WA

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