Deer and coyotes

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  1. a few elk and small buck
  2. hey ribka i would like to get my first elk this year with muzzleloader, you mind telling me were you are seeing these cows so i can make my wish come true?! :)
  3. now i am hearing a lot of hunters telling me they are having cougars stocking them while hunting makes me a little nervous now
  4. Realize that you're only going to see a cougar if the cougar wants you to see it. Take most of those "stocking" stories with a serious grain of salt. The vast majority are people being paranoid. Yes I'm sure it happens, or the cat is at least curious enough to tag along for a while. But take a moment and think about how many cats are out there, how many people go out there, and how seldom attacks actually happen. Worrying about a cougar attack is sort of like buying a lottery ticket. Yeah, it could happen, but in reality it's just a waste of time.
  5. Having had only rip stop nylon between myself and a hungry cat wanting an easy meal out of my dog...I mind that 6th-sense/hair raising on the back of my neck while out in the boonies, and I will not hesitate to take a shot at all three if they seem to be 'curious'! Another thought on the lines of 'supply and demand', we've increased the available food supply to all three species (wolves, yotes, and cats) with the introduction of turkeys. It makes all the sense to me that those species would thrive with potentially more food. However, they are not going to target turkeys only, but fawns, elk calves, grouse, and anything else that presents itself as a meal (me or my dog).
  6. This thread sort of reminds me of what it must have sounded like when the state of Washington with all its wisdom put a bounty on Dolly Varden...

    "better clean the last one out of our rivers before they eat all of our "good" fish...!"

    I didn't put this in here to target anyone, or to piss anybody off - just some food for thought.

    Flame away, if you wish.

  7. Spend much time outside urban areas?
  8. I've only seen one and it was defiantly surprised to see me. My neighbor surprised another one at his folks place in suburban North Bend. I'm not sure if more people are being stalked, but it sure seems like there are plenty cats out there.
  9. Yes-siree-sir, I sure do. Been doing so since the 1950's.

    Am I now qualified in your opinion to post on this thread?

    Coyotes and deer have coped with one another here for a long time. My Great Grandfather arrived in "E WA" on a buckboard wagon in the 1800's and shot some really big, old monster bucks (still have a monster non-typical rack mount of his). There were a lot of coyotes around back in those days as well, and the deer grew large. That was the point of my post above regarding the Dolly Varden.

    By the way ribka, nice photos your camera took. Here's a couple from my yard this year; The little blacktail buck was in the backyard, and the photo of the bear was taken through our kitchen window - he's no more than 30' from our front door. Gotta enjoy seeing the wildlife.
  10. I am of the opinion that there has been a shift in the dynamics of the coyote population on the east side in terms of the prey species they seek. As a kid I recall days of seeing hundreds of jack rabbits which were more a plague alfalfa fields than anything else. These days you rarely seen a jack. I'm wondering how the lack of this species affects coyotes feeding behavior and their impact on deer and elk populations. Of course, there are always farm cats and house cats that make up a small bit of the deficit of rabbits...

    Just thinking...
  11. Lose livestock or a couple bird dogs to coyotes . . . or watch helplessly as they hamstring deer after deer in deep snow & you develop a different opinion re: 'Yotes. There is NO shortage of them on the East Side (and many, many other places.).
  12. i've been hunting the palouse for about 15 years now, take a deer every year and maybe call in a dozen yotes these days. used to call in 40 or more a year, now fishing, rain and cold have slowed me down. Anyways, i have seen yotes and deer quite often together believe it or not, normally in the late fall and winter, probably because the deer have not much to fear maybe as the fawns are stronger. i have watched yotes walk right through deer, mere feet away and all the deer do is stare at them, sometimes a rowdy doe will even go after them. last year i saw something that despite everything else i saw blew me away. i was at an eyebrow just sitting, worked real hard to sneak into it, two hours before light, and right off two trespassers ended up below me at light, saw me, but pushed anyways towards and by me right under my gun. i took advantage of this ran to a new spot, to head em off at the pass and they pushed about 22 does passed me. well as the deer gathered on a hill to look back i saw two small fawns i thought, right there with them, they turned out to be two yotes, literally a few feet from the deer, their back actually to the deer as they too were looking for the guys. well to return the favor after looking at all the deer and knowing they were going to trespass to the next property, where they may stumble on others i wacked one of the yotes, watched the yote and the deer runaway together and then gather up 6 more, 2 nice bucks included as they went over the hill. i have seen this more since. kinda strange but true.

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