deer hair preservation

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  1. how would any of you preserve some deer hair obviously on the skin, im talking about a small section not the whole thing. going hunting this weekend and possibly could have 5 deer.
  2. A few years ago I was given a deer hide so I scraped it and washed it with a hose and some dishsoap in my backyard I then stretched it out and nailed it to my garage to dry, it was alot of work to get clean, took awhile to totally dry but after it was dry and cut up into managable pieces seemed to work just fine for tying and I have enough to last for years.
  3. I've had good luck with just scraping the hide to remove fat and scraps of meat left on after skinning then salting and let it dry. You are not tryign to keep a flexible leather just preserve it.
  4. Instead of salt I have used borax with good results - scrap and wash as suggested, rub in a good coating of borax. The piece will be stiff but will keep for a long time (have some that are more than 30 years old).

    For high quality deer hair I one time had a whole hide tanned. Trade half to a shop to cover my costs and traded pieces with fellow tiers for years. Even nice materail.

    If you are going to save a few pieces I encourage you to grab some of that white hair found along the belly, especially by the rear legs. There will be a small area (at least on blacktails) where the normal deer hair will be white - makes excellent wing material for high floating dries.

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  5. im gonna have either white tail or mule deer, i hunt on the east side, no blacktails. the hair on the bottom between the legs pretty much gets messed up in the gutting. last year i preserved about a square foot of hair by soaking it in vinegar and borax and then stretched it out and removed the fat and muscle and then rubbed on a layer of borax and scraped it off as it dried with the edge of an axe and a dremel wire brush. i did that till it was dry and it preserved fine, the only bad part was that the hair was very matted down and very messy, im guessing thats cause it was pressed against a peice of plywood. is there some way that i could dry it without pressing it against the plywood. maybe some sort of stretching frame? oh, by the way, i hear that salt is a bad idea cause it can acctually draw moisture to the skin in the summer.
  6. Made a drying frame out cardboard or plywood with an open space for the hair and set the "frame" on blocks.

    Should be able to wash blood out of the hair; at least try throwing the white pieces in cold water as soon as possible. That hair is really pretty nice for those wings and I think worth the effort.

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  7. I think that the big white rump area on whitetails will have some of that nice white body hair.

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  8. well i guess ill make a wooden frame with some extra strips lying around, i might try to get some of that hair if it isnt too damaged. im mostly after hair for spinning though so the white stuff doesnt mean a whole lot to me. how much do you think i could get for deer hair on ebay?

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