Deer Hair-Spinning % Trimming

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by FLGator, May 12, 2005.

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    What are the secrets to tightly spun deer hair heads?

    What is the best way to trim heads evenly? Either my scissors or my hand leave a lot to be desired in terms of head shape.

    If material quality is key, what do I look for and where do I find it?

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  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Tightly spun, in my opinion, comes from how well you can compact the hair after it's spun. I mostly use deer belly hair. Flairs nicely, works great. If you do a search, there was recently a post about spun deer hair. It's a mixture of the right sized clump of hair and the correct pressure of the thread (a bare hook helps as well). If you find the post, it'll tell you the rest on spinning. But can expand here if you'd like.

    I actually do most of my trimming with razor blades. Not exacto, but shaving blades. I buy the old fashioned types that are two sided blades (think they're the old schick razors). You can break them in half (since they have a long opening where it fits onto the razor handle) or just do as I do and leave it alone. Just do nice even cuts with a slight angle. Trims fast and easy. I do use scissors for any fine detailing work. But for most part, razors do the key (plus they're meant to cut hair in the first place). But most deer belly hair I've bought (hareline brand) has been great. Plus they have a good variety of colors. Have done well with elk hair too.
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    Invest in a copy of Chris Helm's Instructional DVD. Chris is a *wizard* when it comes to tying with spun deer hair and his DVD is (IMO) the definitive guide on the subject.
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