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  1. Well muzzleloader for deer and elk is just around the corner. This will be our first year elk hunting and we meet a really great guy that should an awesome spot on public property so we are taken care of their.

    But un-fortunately this year my grandpa decided that I cant hunt on his property?? Weird right? Did nothing to not be able to go.

    And well I have only ever hunting on his porperty so do you guys have any good ideas on were to point me for this deer hunting season in western washington??

    Would love to hear some good tips because i have never hunted for blacktail just mule deer in eastern washington, and I am only 15 so not much experience under my belt. This is my 2nd year muzzleloading and I did get a buck last year at 125yrds!

    Would really appreciate it,
  2. Top
    I grew up hunting black tail deer in Southern Oregon.
    Are you able to kill a doe?
    The black tail deer are thick on the west side and with a little scouting you should be able to find a place with plenty of deer.
    A tree stand or good ground blind on a well used trail should work, watch the wind direction when setting up.
    The big bucks like to hang out in rock areas, like east of North Bend.
    I like to snick and peek, be very, very quiet we are hunting black tails.
  3. I wouldn't actually hunt, Gary; just cruise Highway 2 down by Cashmere-saw a nice one on the side of the road this morning, all tenderized and everything:clown::clown:
  4. Ft lewis holds some really big blacktails. Have to take the base course to hunt there and sign in and out when hunting. I would suggest looking into that area. Make sure you get out and scout the area. Really thick so takes some time to hunt and learn the area
  5. I didnt draw for a doe tage this year, we were looking at packwood area which we would be able to take any buck. Fort lewis was another area we were looking at its just right up the road from my house. What would you guys say about packwood, ever hunted that area?

    Looked at north bend in the hunting regulations and most of its not open for muzzleloader.. thats the state for you. The area thats open off the side of north bend like its in the city more or mostly private property.

    thanks again
  6. Well opening day for me was a bust :/ saw one doe that was it. It was to hot out i think for the deer to be in the clear cuts that day but we started off hunting packwood unit and was having a hard time finding a clear cut that you could spot a deer in. so we headed on over to winston unit and right away found good clear cuts, but no deer.
    Elk opens up this weekend and deer ends this weekend for muzzeloader. So we are going to teanaway unit trying to get a true spike(cause thats the only thing we can shoot there or my first elk) or a nice mule deer. Have never hunted this area before or even been around there much so lets just hope its good and i can come back with a positive report!!

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