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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by bombtek79, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Does anyone know of a good processor for deer around the Fort Lewis are? I will be hitting up the last season archery and am hoping for a deer. Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Processor's of wild game are getting fewer and fewer all the time.
    I would try asking at the local mom and pop butcher shops.
    I have been processing my own big and small game sense I was a small boy.
    There are some very good books with pics than will guide you through cutting and wrapping you're own.
  3. Dave Alberts Member

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    There is a shop in the Summit area that caters to hunters and does a good job. But, as Gary says DIY is no big deal. If you have a vacuum packer or "seal-a-meal" system, it is easy to do yourself.

    Having worked as a meatcutter for 10 plus years, during my high school and college days, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from hunters...Everything from sour meat from not dressing the animal timely and properly, to wasted meat from poor shot placement, to spillage from ruptured entrals. The secret to good tasting wild game is cleanliness. Remove the entrals immediately after harvest...leave the hide on until you get it home and in a clean environment. If you are camping, hang the animal by the hocks and prop the cavity open wide so it will cool as quickly as possible. Open the entire chest (saw through the breast bone), remove all arteries, wind pipe etc. Then WASH the inside of the cavity thoroughly with clean water. This WASH step is critical. Allow the water to drain out and dry. Once home, skin the animal and allow to hang in a dry place (garage) for a few days--with our cool temps, 3-4 days will be fine. Go to the internet for cutting instructions, or, as Gary says a variety of books, such a FOXFIRE. Or, simply cut the meat from the bones and cut it into portions for cutlets, stew meat or grinding. The Summit Shop does a great job on pepperoni too...

    Good luck!
  4. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Stewart's meats in McKenna used to do excellent work. Give them a call. :)
  5. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    BTW, you can just run out Eastgate road and head out Roy gate. Follow that road until it leads you into McKenna. They've done all my animals (farm and game). I highly recommend them.
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    Thanks Jerry. Dave and Gary, I would butcher my own here at my house but military housing frowns upon hanging deer in the car port to buther them. I have done and will continue to do my own once I am in a place that will allow me to.
  7. cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

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    You could bone it out in the field and store the meat in your fridge while you butcher.