Delta 6/7 turnover issues

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by James Waggoner, May 6, 2011.

  1. Turn over issue solved... I bought a used 8/9 delta, cut the running line and 2.5' of the rear taper off, and 17' off the front, to end up with a total length of 33.5' @ 445grns A Rio 8wt. 109grn. 15' tips are now a perfect fit! New head total W/ tip is 48.5' @ 554grns. Spent all morning casting with amazement, a cone head 3" bunny leach. Single spey, left or right, snake roll, double does it all!

    At 554grns, I'll probably keep this for sink tip/winter type work or the Deschutes on those sunny/windy days. Thanks everyone for all the in put.

  2. Looked good you were bombing that little leech LOL. I wish I could say the same for my casts. Maybe by the end of the June I will have figured it out and stop double crossing at times and blowing my anchor. LOL
  3. Perfectly Put!!
  4. James,

    Congrats, you basically made an airflo NW skagit head. With that said, don't skagit heads cast awesome? :thumb:
  5. Quiet YOU! ...OH yeah, almost forgot :)

    I call it my version of the Nextcast Winter Authority I've been hearing so much about.
  6. No big deal. I was actually thinking about doing that myself because I am so tall I pull my anchor. I might have to take a lesson from you on how you did it.
  7. If you got lines to cut, splice and loop, I've got the heat gun and scale!

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