Demystifying Skagit and Scandi Heads

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelie Mike, Jun 3, 2009.

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    A quick, fluid, extra long (how far I reach to either side of me) double spey to lift the fly (jig) up in the water column and hold it close to the surface. You can get it done with the airflo delta spey in 7/8wt, but I would use an 8/9 for day to day use. It works fine for up to ~15 feet of leader.

  2. An experienced caster can learn a lot from casting long bellies like timing, casting stroke, power application, drift and line placement. All of which can be applied to fishing short heads because they have the basic casting mechanics behind them. At the same time a beginner can learn a lot from casting medium heads, but at the same time the frustration of trying to cast these lines are going to end up making them sell their gear or move onto a skagit line because they are not going to be able to cast big flies with a proper turnover. Face it, some people are more interested in trying to fish and not trying to learn how to cast. Short heads get people interested in the sport because they shorten the learning curve. When they become effiecient, they can choose to cast longer heads.

    Short heads are efficient because they allow the caster to learn a compact casting stroke and chuck lead with no backcast room in any condition. Beginners cannot do this with medium belly lines and even experienced casters will have problems. Do beginning casters learn the lob and toss with a skagit line? Yes, but after a while they learn that they are not going to be able to cast with any distance or accuracy if they do not learn how to actually cast. Can you fish big flies on longer lines, yeah you can, but you are kidding yourself if you think you are not pushing in your casting stroke. Is that always a bad thing, off course not. At times you do what you have to do to get your fly out. After all Dec said, "Style points don't count when your back is against the wall.

    In regards to the argument regarding the need to stripping flies in, well if you have done it a lot you will know that there are certain fish that will indeed chase your fly at the end of the swing and even on the strip. There is a reason why Bill McMillian back in the day had some success stripping muddlers for steelhead. I would be lying if I did not mention I have hooked steelhead, cutthroat, silvers, pinks, SMB and chinook when stripping back off the dangle as well.

    The funny part of this whole post is knowing and fishing with K2, he loves long belly lines and has got me to cast and fish them on several occasions. He is able to cast them with a scandinavian casting stroke with the exception of timing, his casting stroke looks exactly the same. We have argued for years which type of line is better for the beginner to learn and after several years I now agree that a short head is the better choice for the single reason that it is more fun for the beginner and they will progress faster in their learning process by enjoying it. That is especially so because the amount of fish we have to target is getting smaller and smaller.

    Learn all you can, then learn some more. Catch some fish in the process and have some freaking fun. When you get to a point pick up the single hander again and swing a dry line. It's a lot of fun too.
  3. Hell if I know Duffer. K2 made some innocent (correct) generalizations and next thing you know...
    recession-angst-fueled pissing match? about I don't even know what.
  4. I think its about time this bitch headed out to pasture :beer2:
  5. So close to 10 pages though.........:rofl:
  6. WELL SAID! MIKE... Well said...:thumb:

    a big fan of scandi head here... but heck... nothing can beat the sheer joy in casting the "longer line"!
  7. how many more posts do we need to hit page 10 :thumb:
  8. Probably not too many, much learned early in this thread. Much confused late in the thread. Any chance spey newbies can get you guys fired up for some more of the good?
  9. I was thinking about fishing some beads under an indicator tomorrow on my 12'6" 5/6 spey rod. Do you think a double taper would be the line to go with? :rofl:
  10. that extra long belly is magical for mending......really is awesome! add a longer rod and it is game on! Center pinners are so jealous right now. Balloons and beads.....and a lot of splitshot.
  11. are we there yet Mom?
    I'm tired
  12. I'm thinking... after reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that Spey Fishing is nothing but a bunch of bickering and I can get all of that I want with my wife and her four sisters. Therefore maybe I should take the money I was going to spend on equipment and instead buy a really cheap drift boat and some bait rods and go catch fish.:p
  13. get a couple good plug rods and some gold w/ red eye hot shots too
  14. I see bickering about bickering. This thread is just starting to turn golden brown!
  15. Sounds good Rick. I just bought a center pin reel, and have taped it to an old spey rod. I was thinking about putting a longbelly line on it as well. :thumb: Just didn't know if it cast that well.
  16. Justin,
    That wouldn't be one of those traditional taper CND rods would it? ;)
  17. That be it! It is sure to catch on. it will be called spey pinning.
  18. Page 10 is the place to be. make sure you post here for your July steelhead mojo refill.:rofl:
  19. I'm down for some mojo, a double please with a splash of branch water.
    ahhhhh, basking in the page ten vibe. what a long strange trip it's been.
  20. Good conversation guys! All I can say, as a newbie in the last 5 years, is that I've had a blast learning! Now I'm not well versed in anything related to fly fishing yet, but I do know that the modern line designs whether skagit or scandi have allowed me to get out on the water and cast well enough to fish in a relatively short amount of time! I was fishing recently with a girlfriend of mine who has struggled with the Delta and was so frustrated she was about to give up. When she matched the same rod up with a Compact Scandi it wasn't long before she was throwing narrow loops and having a blast doing it! I've watched the masters from across the water skillfully wield their long bellies and it's beautiful.. Truly a form of art! So beautiful that I immediately wanted to try my hand at it. I picked one up and ended up stomping out of the water with a sore arm 30 minutes later. Eventually, I would love to hone my skills and learn to cast with long bellies.. Maybe I'll practice during run off. Until then I'm gonna fish with the shorter lines that make it more fun for me. As for my girlfriends that are getting into the sport... I'm gonna let them decide. If they ask my opinion I'll just hand em my set up and they can draw thier own conclusions.

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