Demystifying Skagit and Scandi Heads

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelie Mike, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Gotta love fishing next to a stripper or two :thumb:
    Good job posting it Mike!

    I'm late on this one, but a few observations-
    Iv'e been a relative newcomer to the spey deal, but I jumped in head first into long rods and GPS lines, some call mid, some call long belly lines.
    Now, Iv'e become pretty descent with them by practicing alot and studying film . It wasn't easy, I had to bust my ass to figure it aout, spent many days inventing new cuss words, and useing them repetedly... But I didn't give up, wasn't to be denied.
    I can huck a type 8 and a small nasty pretty far aout into the clearwater river. But ...
    It aint easy, it's work, and mentally pretty exhausting if I have a lapse and it goes to shit-
    So, for some instances, I'm gonna have a skagit rig in the truck. I have some ideas as to where and how it may work well , will it, who knows, who should care but me. Just as it would make sense at times for a skagit guy to have a longer line rod in the truck if the conditions account for it. Makes total sense to go on a steelhead road trip prepared for whatever fishing condtions come up. Versitility makes alot of sense in this game to me... Why some get the panties all bunched in a wad because someone on here misrepresents there technique a bit here is beyond me... Who gives a shit . Anyone worth there salt on these site's will put in the effort to filter through the bullshit. As for the newby's, take one under your wing with some PM's, or put your own seperate post up. I think Brian did I fine job here, and at least he took the time and effort to do so. Rather than chop up his work , put up your own post , and let the reader decide. Actually, the debate here was pretty civil ...

    Quick rant:
    THE ONE THING ABOUT THE SPEY COMMUNITY I DON'T GET IS WHY THE FU%K IS EVERYONE SO WORRIED ABOUT WHAT THE GUY DOWN THE RUN IS DOING ?? GOD FORBID HE MAY BE FISHING AN EGG PATTERN OR VARIATION OF ONE !!!!! If that bastard has a bobber on there I'll kick his assss SEEBASS!!!! What is with this attitude anyways ????? Am I one of the few guys who is 100% focused on my business at hand, and couldn't give two shit's about what Jimbob across the river has tied to his doublehander ?? Bobber, globug, roe, who cares as long as it's legal !! It has 0 effect on my getting a take, therefor I have 0 interest in what or how Jimbob fishes !

    Ultimately, it all comes down to the individual and what he or she is willing to put into it-
    If you want to accomplish something NOW, then takeing up a 16' er and 85' belly, isn't likely the way to go, but that's totally cool, grab a skagit setup and go to town, whatever trips your trigger. The fact that the skagit is easier and quicker to master it, doesn't cheapen it in any way... Maybe it actually inhances it:eek:
    Remember too, only you can make yourself a good caster. Time, practice and effort. You can get guidence in many ways, some good some bad, flyshops, internet boards , dvd's , only you can sort out the bullshit from the roses in this game... Only through study and effort can one decifer good casting advice from some goof who just wants to see his avitar posted for all to see-
    So, go boldy, cast you ass off with whatever "spey" technique you want. just don't give up when it gets tough, stay after it, get some help from a knowledable source ( Thanks G !! :thumb:) and get back at it.

    That's my story and I'm stick'n to it!:thumb:
  3. Shotgunner........just for clarify things for this old man.........What did you mean by that?

  4. "Gotta love fishing next to a stripper or two"

    If anyone is fishing a run with strippers on it, watch out for some nasty lowholeing going on....:thumb:
  5. HEHEHE :rofl:

    This thread reminds me of that one in zombie in the zombie movies that has its head mostly gone and looks the most fucked up of all the zombies.

    That is this thread, the thread that keeps coming back from the dead and getting more and more mutilated....
  6. Grayone, Just some innocent non offensive intent word play.

    Personally I like the head / line to fit the water for the most part. Stripping much over a couple rod lengths to a swing wears thin.. Whatever the girls want to fish is fine by me :)
  7. since this thread started I've learned a lot, not from this thread of course.:rofl:

    I learned a new gaelic word. Mullocker.
  8. Some mullock free casting would be ideal.................yes:thumb:

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