Deschutes (WA) Trip Sept 25th 2011

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    I'm hesitant to say anything about this little gem. The river is not large (or cared about) enough to handle much fishing pressure. That said, it has been one of those special places that I spent many a year haunting, in my younger days. I'm now in my 50s, with a genetic heart condition, but still refuse to stop. I haven't been to the particular stretch I prefer to fish in 8 years, but I hauled my mountain bike down to the gate Sunday Morning, loaded up my gear and rode down to the river. After the bike was chained to a tree, I cooled down, put on my wading boots and set up my rod. I personally prefer smaller rivers like this one and use a 4 piece, 4wt, 9ft Loomis that I've had for years. I found a trail and eventually found the river...

    Low and clear
    Temp 60degrees exactly
    Weather schizophrenic (did everything but snow!) Windy!

    Regarding hatches, the usual BWO hatch was on, did a sample, lots of may fly nymphs, cased caddis, even a few net spinning caddis. While doing my sample I also saw an october caddis in the air. For those that haven't met this big guy, he's nearly the size of a stonefly and the trout are just as excited about him as they are stoneflies! While walking in, I saw something in the field that made me think I was in luck. The grasshopper population was massive! Time to try hoppers and go for big bites!

    Ok, so my plan was dries, starting with hoppers, then possibly october caddis immitations and then the difficult to see BWOs in 18-20...

    I went up stream through slow riffles, mostly smaller cutthroats 6-8 inches long. The fish were expectedly skittish, due to the low and
    clear water. Anyplace there was something like a pool, I was usually able to get a fish from the head of the pool (14inch cut). Smaller fish at the tails. I went about 2 miles upriver this way and did great except for the one large, deep pool that has always skunked me. I suspect people (bait fishermen) have "loved" this particular pool to death. I tried nymphs on a sinking tip line, then a brown/olive wooly bugger, then finally a muddler minnow. No luck! Sigh this pool may always remain a puzzle to me... Above the pool the water flows around rocks, making for great pocket water fishing. Again caught many more cuts. I ended up doing mostly roll casts, due to the need of staying away from the low/clear water. The strategy worked so far...
    I'd planned on going 2 to 2.5 miles downstream from where I started too, so I waded back downstream again, then proceeded to fish down the river. This particular stretch of water is too low, too wide with very little holding water, so there ends up being a lot of relatively empty water (2-6 inchers). I've often wondered what would happen if someone diverted the water here, so that it "S"d around from one side of the river bed to the other. I suspect that would increase the flow, depth and probably generally improve the quality of the fishing, but that's another story... There was the occasional pocket that held 6-9 inch cuts, but the best, or so I though was ahead... the river makes a 90degree turn against an old fossilized mud flow (it looks like concrete, but it's not), the water here is deep and relatively slow. There are many fish in this stretch, but the banks are heavily overgrown, with very little wading between the high banks and deep water. I caught several more cuts between 9 and 12 inches here, on a pair of nymphs (hare's ear 16 and cased caddis nymph 10) fished along the bottom. Remember I haven't fished this stretch of the river in 8 years. The lower area runs through sort of a flat area with a lot of willows. Beaver sign is everywhere around here. 8 years ago, there used to be another sharp 75ish degree bend that lead the river next to a bank that contained a lot of large rocks, that made a beautiful riffle, run, pool, riffle, pool, log jam stretch that held lots of fairly large fish. That entire stretch of the river has been bypassed, as the river cut a straight path through the soft soil and made another straight shallow flats like area. The old log jam is there and there is a new log jam just above it. I didn't have any success in the pool, but the short stretch inbetween the two log jam pools held several 9-11 inch cuts.

    By now it was getting late and my back was giving me indications that the slippery wading had taken it's toll. All in all it was a great day, reminiscent of days gone by. I confess, I ended up pushing the bike up one of the hills, but the trip was a wonderul one. I'll be back, if this rain ever backs off a bit...
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    Sounds like a great day on a nice stretch of water! The trip back to the rig is always harder then the one down!
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    What part of the river were you on?
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    Love that river. Wasn't able to get down the this year but my brother and I alway hit it a couple of times a year.