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    I went to beautiful diamond lake for my bachelor party. I arrived early Friday and put the boat on the water. I fished down on the south end for about 3 hours until one of my best friends, Sean, showed up. He tried power bait while I fished chironomids under an indicator. I soon got a frisky 15 inch rainbow and he switched to fly fishing. My dad and brother showed up in the afternoon, and the wind kicked up, and we called it a day.

    On Saturday we headed out about 9. The wind was reasonably calm in the morning. We fished hard for hours, and finally Sean was able to get a 15 incher, his first fish on a fly rod. Fishing was difficult. We tried midges and leeches without much to show for it. Finally, Sean hooked up with a 21 inch rainbow, which we kept. When we cleaned it, its stomach was full of caddis larva. Finally, something to go off of for the final day! I managed a 9 inch fish to keep the smell of skunk off me.

    Sunday was incredible. We headed out under threat of a thunderstorm. Dallas, my brother, pulled in a nice 17 RB. Next, Sean landed an incredible 24" inch rainbow that weighed 6 pounds. They both caught a few smaller ones, and I was still skunked.

    I was casting to a pod of fish when finally my indicator went down. After a blistering run and a good fight, I had myself a 22" inch rainbow.

    Then the storm hit.

    We heard thunder crash and started hauling ass off the water. The wind whipped up and the rain was falling in monsoon fashion. When we got to the boat ramp there was a river running down it. It was one of the most insane storms I've ever seen.

    We hunkered down with pizza and beer and the storm cleared out. The sun came out and the lake was glass. We headed out and caught several more monsters. I ended up with the lunker of the day, which we estimated at 26" and 7 pounds. All in all, a hell of a trip.

    Sean with a good fish

    Official members of the diamond lake 4 pound club. Before anyone freaks out, trout are not native to the lake. it is strictly a stocked lake.

    Me with the big feller


    Sean with another dandy
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    Nice report! I had my bachelors party at Jack's Resort on Jameson Lake. My non-fishing buddies were disappointed in my choice of venue but I had a great time. Those are some nice fish.
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    So, did you end up fishing primarily at the southern end?

    (and yes, it is the Grand Poo Pa of catch and kill lakes in Oregon... if there are any wild trout in the lake they are far and few between...as it is a dedicated catch and kill fishery so no one should freak about fish photos)

    One of these years I really need to fish Diamond... considering August is not considered prime time to fish the lake you guys did pretty well.
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    Those are some nice fish! I used to keep a tarp in my drifter for summer down-pours we would just throw the tarp over us and my daughter and I would just eat donuts til it was done.

    I have to get down to the slaughter house also - it's putting out some nice fish now and even heard of a 9 pounder this year! So did the dancer dance in the tent or outside around the fire???
  5. So you got the drift boat, well done. Nice fish, too.
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    At the southern end, just like everyone said! I met a few other fly fisherman and women in the same area.
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    Haha, all in all it was a pretty tame bachelor party. Low on the beer and the nudity
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    Nice "gills n tails"...!!!

    ...lap dances and tipping were optional...I guess

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