Dickson's Sky School

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by WPS, Feb 9, 2003.

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    I attended a Dickson school on the Sky today - boy was it cool. After trying it own my own, this class sure provided a lot of "ah ha" moments. Then I got lucky and hooked into an 8-10 lb hen during the lunch break - what a day. I highly recommend signing up. Good luck. WPS
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    Way to go on that chromer! I was watching when you set the hook. It seemed that Dennis pulled together a lot of steelheading 'fragments' that I was familiar with and set them into a very logical and useable system. And the Yancey line is just SWEET! Anyone out there considering a new multi-tip set up should at least check it out.

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    I have been in his school and gone on several trips with dennis. He gives a lot of information that is easy to use and understand. i would recommend his classes and/or a trip. Check him out at www.flyfishsteelhead.com. :thumb
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    I went on Dennis' Sauk School last year and learned a tremendous amount on steelhead behavior, how to read water, and how to present a fly most effectively. I think his key strength is his ability to translate years of experience and knowledge into practical, easy-to-understand techniques that a novice can assimilate fairly quickly. Prior to this class, I never felt truly confident in what I was doing, and the results spoke for themselves...zilch. After the class, I did fairly well, catching fish in the Sauk, Skykomish, and Snoqualmie. His class definitely shortened the learning curve by a year or so. I highly recommend taking one of his schools if you want to learn how to catch steelhead consistently.


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    for you guys that are new to flyfishing or you have been fishing for years,i highly recommend taking one of his schools. and he wil fill you in on all the details.And the kitten and table how true is that. thanks dennis and mike. Mike Donnelly :beer2