Did I really finally...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SciGuy, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. ...beat Stonefish to the first Coho of the year? If so my life long goal is complete and I can hang up my fly gear forever.


    Also got a beauty of a cutty:


    Both were on olive over white Clousers tied using Cashmere goat hair with a single strand of MOP Flashabou.
  2. Wow nice cutty!
  3. She's a bit slender, but looks good in fishnet!

    SciGuy, thanks for the pattern, but you didn't mention the "red dumbell eyes" that I see in your pics. That spot of red might have contributed to your fly's success. A bit of red is an important detail in many of my cutthroat patterns. At least I think so, and that gives me a little more confidence in my flies, even if it doesn't make them more appealing to the fish.
  5. LOL...Congrats Bill
    I hit it from 5:30 till 8:30 is morning. No coho action for me this morning but 1 for 3 on src's.
  6. That's a really good point. Almost all my flies have a little flor. orange, hot pink or red. With clousers I typically secure the belly material behind the eyes with thread of one of those shades. I didn't this time, hence the red eyes. With S&As I use those colors of thread and wrap down the tube far enough so that about 1/8th of an inch shows below the cone to suggest a gill slit. I maybe be over thinking thinks a bit but it seems to work.

    Tim, I'm counting it regardless! ...not sure it was quite 22" though.

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