Did you pick up a rod at Swift Creek Sat 12/02?

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by MauiJim, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. MauiJim ka lawai'a

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    Hi all,

    We spoke to two fly guys as they were leaving Swift Creek on the Skagit Saturday morning 12/02-- as they were leaving, they picked up my buddy's broken-down 2pc spinning rod that was leaning against a log (it was a bit downstream of us). We were the two guys also flyfishing, I had the Spey rod and my friend was using a single-hander.

    It's my buddy's only spinning rod and he'd love to get it back-- if you happened to pick it up or know who did, could you please send a PM? Thanks in advance...

  2. Matt Burke Active Member

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    What were you doing playing with those nasty chum in there? I swung by there and fished until sunset trying to keep from drifting into the chum. Never saw any gear.
  3. MauiJim ka lawai'a

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    Haha that's what we were trying to do... those old ones were thick in there!

    We talked to another fly guy at the end of the run, he said he heard the guys talking about the rod as they went by, so they must have picked it up-- weird, considering there were many (7+ guys total) fishing there and it could have belonged to any of us.

    Anyway, if anyone hears anything please let me know...