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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by mute, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. g_smolt

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    I have had no troubles with my w20. I am currently looking for a mini-tripod for steadyshots underwater, as the old "rest on a rock and shoot" seems to produce odd foregrounds from time to time. The viewfinder on mine works fine, most of the time I don't even use it. Underwater, I just aim on line and plane, then shoot a few, see how they look. The options on the pentax cameras are staggering, certainly not equal to a 35mm slr, but pretty advanced for the digital stuff.

    Here are two shots I took while testing out the filters and shutterspeed options...



    I dig my w20, and if I had to buy another one, would probably go with the w30...I am intrigued by the "shockproof" part of the Oly720, tho.

  2. chrome/22

    chrome/22 For him there whould always be the riddle of steel

    g, those are some sweet water shots, what shutter speed did you drop to get the smooooth water look??

    I have a little cheapo foldable tripod with 3-4" fixed legs, you looking for somthing like that??

  3. Wet Wade

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    Check out this little guy. It's small, can adjust to almost any surface, light, plastic (won't rust), easily packable, yadda - Joby Gorillapod
  4. zipmyfly

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    I would think that water proof cameras would be a big seller here in the NW, wish more were made.
  5. speyfisher

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    Damn, besides having the same name as me, you've also discovered you have to take off your shades to work one of these things. Which helps, but not much. Don't beleive that Olympus hype. I've got a 750, and I can't see nuthin through it.

    Another thing I've discovered is that camaras having a lens that pops out, don't work too well in the Aquapac compact waterproof case.
  6. springer125

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    I have the Olympus Stylus 720 sw, Great Camera but u cant see anything on the screen in bright light conditions, u just have to point and click and pray for the best. I think u run into that problem with just about all of them

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