Dirt cheap 7 weight reels?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by plarsen111, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. I have recently gotten into flyfishing for smallmouth bass.

    I bought a couple of TLr Cabela Rods the other day (on sale for $54 each...now back up to $140!). I found some sinking Scientific Angler fly lines for $8 a peice (normally $45 each). I am looking to put some dirt cheap 7 weight reels on the rods.

    Any suggestions on places to buy 7 weight reels, or a certain brand to look at? I am thinking $20 or less.

    Any help or comments greatly appreciated!


  2. Ebay
  3. Pfleuger 1595, probably more like $40 but you might get lucky.
  4. $40 for my SA system 2 7/8, excellent working condition but it has some scratches.
  5. I bought 5 or 6 Wind River reels from Cabelas for all of my lake lines.
    So far no problems or complaints.
    They are regularly $29.99 but often on sale as low as $19.99.
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  6. Yeah, I have a few of those wind river reels. Not the most amazing things in the world, but well worth 3 times the $20 I paid for them.

  7. I will third this. In fact I just used mine for coho out in the salt although it didn't work that great for Bones.
  8. Pflueger 1495 1/2
  9. I bought 5 of them to outfit my kids. They work fine.
  10. Another vote for Wind River, for $20 it can't be beat.
  11. Pflueger 1594 1/2 is plenty big enough for a 7wt. I don't think you'd need anything larger. If you're a little patient and diligent at tracking new listings, I'm sure you can corner a lightly used one on Ebay for under $25. Last year, I cornered one and spare spool in an almost new condition for a mere $16 delivered to my door.
  12. Right: the Pflueger Medalists are edging up in price, since they were discontinued, but they're still great values. I've switched most of my lake lines to Medalists. The 1495 or 1494 1/2 (or the 1595, etc. version, with rim control spools) are right for seven-weight lines.

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