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  1. Found this online last night. Skokomish tribe dumping chums after stripping eggs. Full article in Kitsap Sun.
  2. This is already being discussed at length on the board
  3. I heard it was actually a plague of chums cast down from the heavens on 2 guys that were bobber fishing in that spot and referring to it as fly fishing...
  4. guessing you were talking to the natives, eh?

    Let's just turn this discussion into using spey rods to nymph sandshrimp for coho from the beach!
  5. Are you saying Jesus is a native?
  6. nah I think he is Hispanic, but maybe his grandpa was native? not sure how much native ya need to have in ya to have the right to waste precious natural resources

  7. Pretty sickening....
  8. Countless generations of forefathers would have dried the fish for subsistance use through winter. Life must be good.
  9. This is clearly Photoshopped...just some twisted individual hell bent on inciting a thread riot on WFF :mad:.
  10. it might be time to rethink the amount of chum salmon released from hatcheries in hood canal. it is really just welfare for commercial fishermen, with devastating impacts to co-mingled wild stocks of not only chum but later returning coho and we get disgusting displays like this.
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  11. I agree completely. Wild late season silver salmon are getting netted as by-catch by the chum netting fleet starting in mid October. The beach fishing shut off overnight as soon as those tribal and commercial boats appeared.

  12. Used to be that there was a popular fly fishing fishery in Hood Canal right around Thanksgiving. Dewatto for example, had some 15 to 20 lb coho this time of year. You look over there now, and it is all 3 to 5 lb fish in October. Then nothing.p. The commercial and tribal fisheries have eliminated the historic coho run. Now we prop those same fisheries up with unnecessary hatchery chum production so eggs can be sold. How smart is that?
  13. The price of eggs exceeds the price of the meat, so that means we will waste to the legal limit the flesh of the fish.
  14. being alaskan this goes a bit against my grain so to speak . I agree with putting the carcasses into a watershed to provide nutrients for the yet unborn smolts but more discretion should have been used as to how they did it. The other thing that chaps me a bit is that if there is such a numbers problem with thes fish the commercials should not get them either until some stabilization is reachedin alaska we share the pie 3 ways commercial ,sport ,subsistence as an example whenthe upper yukon runs are down only a limited amount of subsisitence is allowed and commercial in that area are also pretty much shut down ,false pass is an example of this. As to us in the lower 48 to let only the commercials have them and none for us in the majority of the watersheds is extremely unbalanced ,as the sports types do not put near the dent in them that commercials do . as the commercials have "openers" for their targets perhaps the same for chum where sports are concerned say 3 days a week this it would seem would enhance escapement , personally except for the smoker I prefer to just release them after a good stiff fight well thats my rant I suppose it is time to put on the asbestos tighty whiteys :p smitty

  15. They did the same on the run of coho into Big Beef Creek the last several years…..gone. F &%$&^%#^k!

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