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  1. So Virginia likes watching a PBS detective series called "Midsummer Murders". The scene is small villages in England and the main characters are two police detectives attempting to solve a murder (or more).

    The series is old and I believe was first aired in the early 2000s. I found the one we watched the other night quite amusing. It revolved around an English village that included a fly fishing club. It was a member of the club who was murdered so everyone in the club was held suspect.

    Here's the amusing part. The members of the club constantly wore their fishing vests.... I mean all the time. And of course the vests looked new like they were never used once on a fishing trip. I guess they may have had their "dress vests" and then their fishing vests but it still looked silly.

    The other interesting part was the size of the river that they fished.... we'd call it a creek, not a river. Actually, strike that, we'd call it a ditch. The length of the rods they used were longer than the width of the "river". So the scenes of them "flyfishing" was absurd. There was no casting... just kind'a a flip of the fly into the ditch.

    But the best part was the scandal -- not the murder -- someone was sneaking around using a WEIGHTED FLY!!!!! This of course had the members of the fly club up in arms much more than the fact that someone was out there killing club members.

    If you knew nothing about flyfishing, the episode would have given you such a warped view of the sport you'd never recover from the trauma. It was obvious that none of the writers, producers, actors or even the catering company had any idea what flyfishing is really all about.

    Or perhaps, I should wear my fishing vest at all times... maybe that is what they do in England. ....even at work. I wonder what a fishing vest would look like with a tie...
  2. If the tie had bugs on it, it would be pretty neat.
    Be sure to have dangle downs on your vest tho.
  3. In my experience everybody in England just wears Hi-Vis vests all the time.
  4. Not only did they wear a fishing vest at all times... there was nothing in the pockets and no flies on the drying patch.

    However, there was one scene where one of the members was tying a fly -- or at least, there was a completed fly in the vise -- and it was a perfectly tied Grey Wulff. It must have been the hot fly to use in the ditch.
  5. Impeccable and spiffy dressers, those British. Did they have a pipe clenched in their teeth and a superb tie, with a trout embroidered on it, and knotted at the throat?
  6. The English actually invented Tenkara, not the Japanese. We've all been lied to...
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  7. Well, they sure as heck didn't need to make any manner of back cast to fish the ditch they were fishing in the series... actually, the vegetation along the shore was such that they couldn't make a back cast even if they wanted to.

    Fact is, when one of the characters was attempting to make a back cast while fishing the ditch, he hung up in a tree. While he was moving around and yanking on the line attempting to free the fly, he fell over the murdered body.

    I really hate it when that happens. But sometimes you can stand on the body and the additional height helps you un snag the line from the tree. I had to do that the last time I went steelhead fishing. I assume someone else found the body and called the cops. When I'm steelhead fishing, I don't have time for reporting dead bodies...
  8. The body was likely a truck thievin' tweaker someone offed.
  9. Sometimes you could get that impression reading some of the posts on here... "Swing vs Nymph", "Indicator no bobber", "What's technically fly-fishing?" :D

    As a commercial electrician, I'm always amazed by comments made in TV shows/movies about electrical systems. Or the use/reactions to what electricity actually does/will do in the situation they portray.

    Or my favorite question: "Ever been electrocuted?" Um, no. I'm standing here talking to. Electrocution happens only once to a person.

    But hey, it's Hollywood... Do we really expect them to get anything right?
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  10. That's what I figured... ;)
  11. When I think of british people's fashion sense, it is more akin to socks, sandals and sunburn with a snot encrusted handkerchief knotted over or dabbed at an untamable combover... (That vision plays in my head accompanied by a Benny Hill like soundtrack. )

    Alternatively say you are watching British soccer, and they pan over to the coach, and you'll see a generally grey haired coach decked out in a splendid tracksuit.
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  12. By the way here is a proper fishing tie...

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  13. OH MY!

    I want one! And I am not british.
  14. I haven't worn a tie in over 20 years. I think I might of worn one to my Mothers funeral. Not to sure on that either. I don't even own any anymore.
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  15. ...and you told me you sleep in it. :p

    (he shares the strangest stories streamside...lol)
  16. Inspector Baranaby can figure out this problem...over a pint of bitter of course....'Troy boy fetch us a couple of pints of bitters!' GAT know all about this series and what you are eluding to. It's hollywood, fabricated stories, I understand the American rush job and minus details.....but you would think the english would do it with better style and attention to detail! Right?
  17. The series depicts tenkara dapping very accurately however.
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  18. Ah, the Grey Wulff IS, a "hot fly"!
  19. Robert Duvall's character in either Open Range or Lonesome Dove is fly fishing near the end of the miniseries. He is double hauling during his casts. Both movies are set in the late 1800''s.

    The problem is that the double haul was first introduced by Marvin Hedge during a casting competition in the 1934.
  20. I will have to start wearing my waist pack around town.
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