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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Mar 23, 2007.

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    I get a kick out of those who claim to be 'trying to be different' or 'expressing their individuality'. They hang out together and all blend in quite nicely actually. Ever drive down university ave or broadway on capital hill? The ones who look like individuals and stand out are the ones dress in simple jeans and t-shirts with no tats, peircings, funky hair, etc. (oh, and that 'chick' in the short skirt and heals... look again....doh! ;) )
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    iagree Daryle but as old as you may be you were still man enough to admit you may have judged
    the book by the cover and not the content. :beer2:
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    pretty ironic for you to be telling him not to judge other people or insult them based on personal choices after you went on a homophobic rampage on the photo gallery zen
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    I'm not sure that an actual death toll is neccessary to justify pointing out the similarities between drug use/abuse and piercing/tattoos/scarification/etc. However, now that you mention it, I think the reason that tattoo "artists" are required to be licensed in most areas is due to the fact that they were once notorious for spreading hepatitis. One needen't look too far to find horror stories involving different kinds of infections and other health issues caused by tattoos and piercing, just as there are many horror stories associated with drug use that do not end in death.
    I think we can all agree that, all other things being equal, the better we care for our bodies and minds, the longer we will live.
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    It's funny that you mention that. My current field (that Im getting out of) is filled with a lot of people trying to be anti-conformist, so a lot of them have tattoos or piercings. I don't have tatts or piercings for a lot of reasons: I know I would snag a piercing on something, I never thought of an image I liked so much that I want it on my body permenantly, I have enough trouble with airport security as it is, I like to throw on a jacket and tie once in a while and pretend Im important.... But I really don't care if someone has tatts or piercings and have had a lot of friends that are inked. However, not wanting to get inked has gotten me ALOT of flak from collegues. They say that I'm not openminded, a snob, a conformist, etc..... So it works both ways quite a lot. So don't worry about jumping to conclusions based on how someone looks, its part of the human genome.

    Worm-tell your daughter to make several copies of the tatt she wants to get and put it everywhere. Above her bed, on the bathroom mirror, in her locker, on the fridge....so she has to look at it several times a day for a year. If she still likes it after that time and hasn't started to ignore it or gotten sick of it, tell her you'll help pay for it. That prevented a lot of people I know from getting certain designs, even people that have several tatts.
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    It does look cool, but I'd skip the colors. I've got a pike, a silver, and three steelhead tattoos, and they're all in black. Color in them would look poor and faded in a few years.

    I've also got 13 silvers "running" upstream over my shoulder and onto my chest, five flies scattered about, and even Flip Pallot on the bow of a flats boat. And then there's the Kodiak motif on my back. All of my ink is covered with a short sleeve shirt, but I know it's there, it's there for me, and I like it. I'm getting more done actually...

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    Thanks Sloan, Good Advice! My daughter and I both love to sit and watch Miami Ink together. It is an entertaining show. There are some compelling reasons why people get tats. For my daughter, I think her personality exemplifies who she is. I just want her to make this personal choice a thought-out responsble choice. The law is that she must have parental consent before she turns 18. However, if her mom gives her consent,.......................I hope it turns out to be something she enjoys for the rest of her life and I will love always love her just the same!
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    RIGHT ON!! This is what matters the most.
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    That is great advice! I usually ask people considering a given pattern if they would wear the same clothing or jewelry they thought was cool 10-20 years ago. Then I bring up polyester shirts, shag carpet, leg warmers, rainbow suspenders, etc. Of course, if it's a fish or fly pattern, I keep my mouth shut and give them a thumbs up.
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    you nailed it exactly. Tatoos and piercings today are so common that you have done nothing to set yourself apart from anything. Cool fish tatoos are the exeption because they are still pretty original. My buddy has a couple and I could say not too many bikers,rockers etc. have a steelhead on them anywhere.

    Every 16+ year old girl in America has a tatoo of a rose or some other lame thing on her lower back. Not that theres anything wrong with that, it's just not original. Nose piercings,eyebrow piercings belly button rings etc. are sooooo last week. Like you said, the person that stands out these days is the t-shirt and jeans wearing normal looking dude or dudette.

    I think that a lot of these kids are struggling with an identity crisis and feel the need to stand out in some way or so they think. In doing so they are just lumping themselves in with a bunch of other folks trying to do the same thing. What do you get? A bunch of so called individuals that look very much the same.

    To each his own I guess, but in another 20 years or so, all those with pristine unmarked skin will be the individuals who stand out.

    My 2 cents
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    You've got bigger issues ahead if you can't explain why some folks like tats and some don't.

    My dad has twin screws tatooed on his buttocks from his days in the navy and I was able to overcome that horrible influence to become an average member of society.

    Good luck.

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    Sure, you should draw the line at the "skank badge" or "skank stamp" though.
    Skank stamp: a tattoo that is on the lower back of a female. It is usually something big and tacky like a butterfly, a tribal sign, a chinese symbol or their name; indicating to everyone around her that she is .......
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    Also know as a "ho tat".

    Jon B. I know my tatt's are not going to shorten my life nor do I consider it " mutilating" or "disfiguring". My next tatt is going to be my family crest right in the center of my r. calf. It's great that my generation and beyond have regulations and rules concerning sterile practices, and value this concept. There are many cultures out their that use tattoo's as a rite of passage, ritual, etc. While there are religions that believe your body is a temple and any type of desecration to the body is screwing w/ god( some of the most closed minded people I've ever met) But I do have friends that believe this way and I respect them for them. If I saw a guy in his back yard drinking a beer totally trashed, it might catch my eye by the way. Dude you went way out there on your lets wrap drugs, junkies, etc. into the tattoo, piercing, judgment thing. I have to say cool discussion. It's interesting how the medium of the internet and all of our passion for fly fish can bring up a topic like this. I wonder how this conversation would go if we were all out on the river fishing together???!!!I like hearing what everyone has to say...
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    I gotta say, I really can't put my finger on any one single reason why I got all of mine done, and will get more. Other than, "I just want them." I'm not trying to make a statement or shock anyone, they're just for me. The same reason I hit the gym and want to be as big as I can be. Same reason I shave my head and have a big mustache. It's just me, and how I want to look.

    If a guy wants to put a flaming skull on his arm, or a girl wants to get a tattoo across her back, that's their thing. (They're not all ho's....;) )

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    One piercing left, out of 5...the first one, for my first winter in the Bering Sea, 19 years ago.

    Gonna get a tat of a big old buck chum, purple and yellow, teeth stickin' out. That will be on one shoulder, and I will have a full-dress Dolly on the other.

    Oh, yeah...another vote of "no" on the Tramp Stamp, They are kinda goofy.

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    Your joking right?
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    "Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye." -Wedding crashers.
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    I love tramp stamps...bare flesh is so un-intriguing.
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    Wait until tomorrow when I come up with another zinger to see how many hits we get. :D

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    I live around the corner from a tattoo shop- Slave to the Needle. (around the corner there's also a bar with free pool, a comic book store, a donut house, a scooter store, a Thai food joint and two pizza places- If I didn't work I'd be fat, drunk, quoting comics ( incidentally anyone ever come across a fishing comic?) and tattoo'd.) In the morning I pick up the random assortment of crap that ends up on my lawn from overnight, most often orange foil from Dick's burger's on 45th. I have found numerous template drawings of what people want their tattoos to look like. I have picked up several flaming skulls +/- dagger For some reason that image resonates with a lot of people.

    My favorite tattoo is one my friend Joe. It's a crude mug with steam on it. Get it?