Diver courtesy ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Evan Burck, Aug 13, 2007.

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    That was a great dialog, but you forgot to end the story with drut charging up to the hillbillys and giving the a long ride to jail in the paddy wagon!!!:rofl: :rofl:
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    I didn't say that was the best approach. Just passing it on for what it's worth.

    Personally, I would have probably handled it different than a phone call. Which makes me wonder: How does a SCUBA tank react when the valve gets knocked off it...while someone is wearing it? Hmmmm, maybe a little experiment is in order. For scientific purposes, of course.
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    I like diving and normally divers are very mellow folks. To get the best time from your tank, being relaxed is necessary. From their point of view, it isn’t easy walking with all of that gear. The Sounds cold water means a thick wet suit (54 degree water probably means wearing two 5mm neoprene wet suits) which in turn means you need to use a lot of weight (lead) to get down. I would imagine at least 25 lbs. I have only dived tropical waters so my guess is probably light. That and the weight of the tanks, BCD and fins, mask and snorkel in hand, they are walking around with 60 lbs easy. You can’t go very far. They should have been polite enough to ask. Don’t know for sure, I wasn’t there. But maybe you should have considered their position. You never know, when they finish, they can tell you where the fish are.

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    Verbal abuse is not requisite of physical exertion. A horse's butt will be abusive and discourteous whether under load or not. I seriously doubt this individual would not be of a mind to give ANY FFer a helping word.
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    With all due respect Max, I know your trying to be the devil's advocate, but that's really a poor excuse. If the gear is that heavy that you can't walk that far, get out there earlier in the day so they don't disturb someone that was there first. The divers aren't there to do any work, they're just playing in the water.
    I've had some pretty unpleasant run ins with divers. I'm sure 80% of them are nice normal respectful people. But 1 in 5 have gone far enough to give divers a BAD reputation on the east coast. In New England they are notorius of stealing from lobster traps and invading private property because they feel that they can't carry their gear down to the street.
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    I could be mistaken but, I don't think there has ever been a single prosecution under this statute in Washington State. It looks good on the books but it's about as well enforced as our immigration laws.:clown:

    I was at Neah Bay for the Ling Cod opener when a boat load of neoprene suited dumb asses pulled up into the middle of a group of boats and proceeded to dump divers, then dropped their flag forcing all of us (7 or 8 boats) to move off the rock we were fishing.
    Next day we were fishing the same area when we had a diver pop up about 50 ft from our boat. No flag anywhere in sight. We were moving at about 15 knots at the time. He's lucky that the bow of my boat didn't split his noggin like it was cordwood.
    I located the group he was with and had words with the guy tending the boat.
    I'm pretty sure that it didn't make him any smarter but he did set the flag out.:rolleyes:

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    Another question (maybe answered and I missed it). Can you reserve beaches for things like diving? Before I shelled some diver asshole with barnicle laden rocks I'd like to know they didn't have dibs already. Say what you will, Dibs (i.e "reservations") rules.
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    I used to dive. had to give it up, the weight was to much for my bad disk. Just so you know, I don't condone the actions of those divers. You can find !holes in any group.

    I'm just wondering about a few things. Was it slack tide? Was it a class or a large group? That part of the park is a hard spot to dive. The currents can be dangerous plus the the boat traffic.That being said. It's a really cool sight, there are some nice cliffs just off shore.

    When I dove I really didn't think that highly of fisherman because of all the litter we saw on the bottom, fishing gear was buy far the most common.
    Mono sucks!

    Can't we all just get along?
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    As of last week, there is at least one prosecution in process!

    A landowner at Bush Point on Whidbey Island decided to post "No Tresspassing" signs on the beach below his property and harrass fishermen, even though the tidelands are owned by the DNR. This happened last fall during the humpy and silver runs. After a lot of work by the Fish and Game dept and the DNR he finally got tickets for "Illegal Posting" (RCW 77.15.220) and "Obstructing the taking of fish, etc." (RCW 77.15.210), which is a gross misdeanor.
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    I would have slit their tyres and left, or whipped out the t 14 and tried to snag a big one.
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    Thats pretty screwed up stuff man. Sorry you had to put up with that crap.:(
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    I dont like talking to people when im out lol....so if you ever talk to me on some random occasion im sorry for being an ass. By the way shoulda got some of that sinking line on and caught ya a big one.
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    dang, haven't seen this thread in a few months
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    There's nothing you can do about the inexcusable experience you had the other day, but if you fish there often, and don't want a repeat performance, you do have some leverage. The post says that the group was of student divers. There aren't that many shops in the area, so a couple of phone calls will tell you where these people came from.

    Contact the shop, let them know what happened, and show them the posts that clearly indicate how close this class came to causing violence. If this was a class, there was an instructor and dive
    masters on site, and they are 100% responsible for enabling the situation. Dive instructors are subject to a very high standard of care and responsibility. I speak from the standpoint of both a former instructor and program manager, and would personally fire the lot, and likely not certify the offending students.

    The dive shop doesn't want that kind of publicity, and the certifying agency (most likely PADI, NAUI or YMCA) will not put up with that sort of crap. It is the instructor's responsibility to control the class, and the shop's to control the instructor. Let the shop owner know that you'll call the cops the next time, and report the recent incident so there is a precedent when you call again.

    The dive class is there to make money, and if they lose their beach privileges, instructors licenses and or insurance, they've got business problems, which will influence even the most disreputable operators.
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    Too bad there weren't some GEAR GUYS around with treble hooks practicing snagging! Or hey, a new Orvis catalogue product---a flourescent street cone that reads "Fly Fishing in Progress, Stay the Hell Away." :)
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    I know this is hard for some of us to understand, but there are people worldwide who:
    1. Could give a shit about flyfishing
    2. Think flyfishing is great, but do not understand it or it's "ettiquette".
    3. Think fishing of all types is cruel and just another bloodsport.
    4. Used to like the principles of flyfishing but then were accosted by one of our own snotty asshole types and now hate all of us.
    5. Wanted to switch from gear fishing to flyfishing but were treated like shit in their first trip to a flyshop so they turned to the dark arts forever.
    6. Have been low-holed by flyfishermen.
    7., Have had a good run to themselves and two speyrodders (I'm one of those guys) show up and take up 90% of the run area.
    8. Have tried to befriend a flyfisherman and like our "Master Angler" stated above, (don't take it personnel "Master", I can be an asshole hermit out there myself") and have been treated like a Sauk River Sucker you thought was a steelhead on the pull.
    9. Are just flat out assholes who need their asses kicked
    10. Are a combination of all of the above.
    Fellas, these "I got lowholed" or "Divers took my water" threads reak of passive aggressive ****dom. Educate the bastards, or kick their ass, but quit whining about it. We are never going to convince the whole world that what we do is the only or right way
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    this thread is months old and got bumped suddenly. i'm obviously "over it" by now. haha
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    At least you'll always have the best "low-hole story" at the barbecue.:beer2:
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    Haha...none takin
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    Hey Evan, I'll close out this arcane thread by saying, with a wistful stare and a tear in my eye, Imagine how much more fun we could have had if Jessie and I would have been there with you \m/:clown:\m/.