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  1. Just to be clear I am going to hire a guide, for my first outing. My wife is planning our next Vacation. I have been requesting for years a place where I could go bone fishing. So she is starting to look into places to go, so far Grand Bahama Island. Though she said that was a bit to fancy for her taste and there did not seen to by much DIY there. My plan would be to hire a guide for the first outing and then perhaps one other outing. On the days without a guide I would still love to fish. Along with that we may be going with as many as 3 other couples, whos husbands fly fish. So that is where the DIY comes into play. Open to all suggestions but would like to keep travel days down to one.
  2. You will definitely catch more bones in the Bahamas, but the monsters are in Florida. Key West is a really fun town if you've never been. You can also fish for permit and tarpon (a little slow in the dead of summer). Any beach is worth walking and tossing Clousers and Crazy Charlies. I did Nassau in a rented kayak and had a blast with reef fish and permit.
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  3. Phil,

    I don't think you can reach much DIY bonefishing on Grand Bahama. We fished with Bonefish Sam (Taylor), and I had a successful day despite the wind. He has a heavy accent, but when he says, "3 o'clock, 40 feet," it comes through very clear. His wife or son do the booking, and they speak easy to understand English.

    We stayed at a pretty modest resort through a timeshare exchange, so there are some un-fancy places there. For DIY, you can fish in the canals that form the marina; there are some interesting fish in there - Clousers. Or fish blind off any of the beaches.

    For what you're describing, a beach house rental on one of the islands to the south seems like it would offer more opportunity.

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  4. I did amazing DIY on Eleuthra
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  5. My DIY at Marathon Key some years ago proved challenging. Knowing the select beaches and tides is something one attains over time. My outfitter did provide some specifics which helped, but still way less catch rate than when I was with him. Have fun.
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  6. I did not enjoy my last trip to the Bahamas...That leisurely 'Island pace' means 'we make you wait for EVERYTHING and get a 15% gratuity for doing it'.
    Since then, I have developed a preference for US soil(and sand).
    PM me for where there are big bones and on US real estate.

  7. Hey Phil.. There are plenty of places to go that offer great combinations of guided and unguided fishing. Happy to help out, just send me an email and we can chat about the places that have worked for me. We often travel with other couples, rent houses and explore the islands so may be able to shorten the curve for you a bit.
  8. You may want to give the Turks Caicos just south east of the Bahamas a look at. Very easy to get to with lots of conveniences, beautiful world class beach and plenty of DIY. Guides are available but they cost a bit more than the Bahamas. You don’t mention the time of year you want to go that much of the Bahamas are on the same latitude as south Florida. That means that January thru March can be susceptible to cold fronts. Mild compared to what we expect, but they cloud things over and put down the fish. That is why the further south you go the better odds for good weather.

    Here is a link to a Family Friendly DIY Bonefishing Trip – Turks and Caicos in the Trip Reports with Pics section.–-turks-and-caicos.85114/

    Rod, we spoke briefly when you gave your talk in Naples last Feb.

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