DIY Cabo Spring Break

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cnnorgil, Jan 30, 2014.

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    I am heading to Cabo for Spring Break in mid-march. I was wondering if there are any DIY oppurtunities to pursue that time of year? I have a 8 and 10 weight that I will bring along with me, I know it is not prime time for Roosterfish but was wondering if there is still a possibility of fishing for them from the beach. If not, if anyone has any input on other species to pursue that would be great!
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    Those beaches are maddeningly difficult to fish. Don't bother with Medano. The beaches west of the arch can have fish, but the waves are huge and frankly, not worth dealing with.
  3. Pez Gallo On the hunt for grandes

    The area around Cabo itself is not exactly prime fly water due to ocean swells. But if you hit the conditions right you may have shots smaller roosters, jacks, and sierra from shore. Be careful with the's no joke. Consider a day or two in a panga also. If the sierra are in you'll have way too much fun. Enjoy...
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    Better opportunities just north of Cabo near Cabo Pulmo on East Cape. You may need wire or heavy leaders. Lots of needle fish.
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    I am going to be down there from Feb. 17 to Mar. 10. My wife and I have been going down there at that time for 10 years. Some years the beach fishing was great but not very often.

    Almost very morning atdaybreak I will be fishing the beach towards the "rocks" for 1/4 to 3/4 miles south of Pueblo Bonito Blanco/Rose' resorts. The main action in the past has been for sierra's using an long olive/white clouser minnow. A stripping basket really helps as the waves wash in and out. I have a collapsable one for traveling. The "magic period" is usually 1/2 to 3/4 hour around sunrise when sierra's can be seen sometimes chasing after sardines just outside the surf break. Once the sun gets shining brightly on the water, the fly fishing "beach game" is usually over as the baitfish and sierra's move out into deeper water. When you see pelicans or gulls "hitting" the water, you know that there are baitfish around and probably sierra's. I have ocassionally see roosters over the years but never hooked one.

    If you or anyone else is fishing the beach at daybreak, say hello as I will be the "lefty" or it would be good to connect.

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    My family and I will be there for the 1st week of March. Anyone have any good contact info for a charter in Cabo?