DIY Stripping Basket

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. True!
  2. So I looked at the link earlier and when I got home I tapped the iPad and all it said was "flexi stripper"
  3. Weed whacker string works really well. Melt the end to ball it up and pull it through pure drilled holes. Works great. The Ikea stool is awesome.
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  4. It takes less than an hour to make as opposed to spending $60+ in a store....worth it in my eyes
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  5. .....and I have plenty of weed whacker line :)
  6. They aren't just an accessory. If you fish the beach as often as some, they become a necessity, especially if the water is gunked up with seaweed and driftwood or if there is moderate wave action.
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  7. Steve always I am the the most cheapest about buying anything or spending hours to to make something that I spend only a seasonal amount of time on to sit in the back of the closet for 85% of the time. I did not say a basket does not have purpose just a basket of any kind works.
  8. The posts make a huge difference if your casting long enough to have a bunch of running line in your basket..... maybe thats not a problem you have.
  9. I always cut 40 to 50 ft off all my fly lines to insure I can cast into the backing so i never have too much in my basket most of the time the fish are only 15 ft away
  10. Don't do much salmon fishing I'm guessing?
  11. Salmon what kind of fish is that? I like those planter lakes the fish are not big but sure can run up the numbers then after keeping 5 or 10 may a nice meal MMMMM!
  12. Ah yes. Stripping basket are an integral part of catching stockers.

  13. The most important thing about this Sport is to have fun when it become a job it's work now who want to work than fish Happy Turkey day Nick
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  14. I was on a lake today and after my line snagged up on the boat seat... I pulled the basket out of the dry box and never had a line sticking issue the rest of the day. I appreciate the effectiveness of the stripping basket and how the line control headaches disappear.
  15. I understand about expense probably as much or more than most. That being said, a dishpan from Goodwill and a bungie cord will suffice but one should never beach fish without something to hold the line if that person desires to have a good day beach fishing.

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