Do hot women spey fish?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ak_powder_monkey, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Who aren't taken? :rofl:

    If so send them to Juneau
  2. How much do you want for my wife?
  3. Hey, if you find one that's underage... Send her to Moses Lake!!!
  4. :thumb:Or anyage..send her to Yakima. April Vokey are you on line? :thumb:
  5. Woah... I just watched a yakima high school volleyball team play here last night... You Yakimaniacs grow some weird lookin' critters!!!
  6. The quick answer is "no", and try not to think about it that much ;)
  7. send one my way, my woman fishes with me but damn i need a woman that i dont have to help her with everything haha
  8. Says the guy from Moses

    I must have gotten one of the good ones! :thumb:
  9. Here you go! I think she is available, but you'll need to check with her brother.
  10. Oh lord.... lol. Too funny!! :thumb:
  11. Yeah . . . . . in BC.

    Yellowlab, there should be a fine for doing that to my eyes. :eek:
  12. No matter how much you think you want a chick that fishes, someday you'll be glad you didn't find one. Keep your hobbies and your checking accounts separate and you'll live a long happy life.
  13. Whoah.........I would bet money those are wise words! ptyd
  14. :eek: Rude! I beg to differ, as I am sure a lot of other fly-fishing ladies would too. :)
  15. Tried that... Got boring
  16. Here you go, double handed, even with two rods! She might be a little rough around the edges, but she sure knows how to put a good patch on those leaky waders.
  17. The women in neoprene waders on the Deschutes in August.
  18. Yep....Jeong Park

  19. DUDE you have some pictures of some real foxes! haha hook me up!

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