Do hot women spey fish?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ak_powder_monkey, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Hell yeah that chick rocks! She's like my "Seoul" sister! (Only I don't know anything about South Korea, except that I was born there.haha)
  2. OK, so seriously no joke here. I saw her casting last year and she is amazing. Would put alot of men to shame, and frankly you probably wouldn't want to have her as your wife or GF, because she'd likely school you on the water as you're heading back to the car with your tail between your legs... I believe madd skillz were all courtesy of Joan Wulff.
  3. And its in our blood that we were born to fly fish. You go girl! Keep practicing and getting out to fish... 4 Steelhead on the Ronde??!?!?! You'll killing me....
  4. maybe i should ask her to teach me some things!
  5. Thanks for the support Paul! I am going back next weekend to fish more rivers in Idaho. Can't say I will have the same luck this time, but I am certainly looking forward to the trip and swinging flies for bigger and better steelhead! :D God, I love fly-fishing...
  6. Lisa....If I may say.... you are what us fly fishing nut jobs refer to as an anomaly....ladies like you do exist, but most feel its a figment of our collective's a bit like fpulling the sword out of the stone, having a Sasquatch experience, a UFO landing in your yard and catching a steelface on a dry...

    Thank you for gracing our site

    In my case, I dont mind that my beautiful wife doesnt fish. It gives us a bit of time to ourselves and it all works beautifully
  7. I suddenly have a craving for Kim-Chi
  8. :beer2: haha to the UFO comment. Thanks! I guess I just get a bit defensive, because I understand that fly-fishing is clearly more of a male-dominated sport, and I am not in it just to look "cute" with a little fish. I blame my boyfriend (in a good way) for introducing me to this, and now I only want to get better and catch the bigger fish. But for the most part, I truly enjoy it. I am fascinated by all the aspects of it, and I respect everyone that is interested in fly-fishing, and I also respect the environment we use and the fish we catch.

    I agree that having separate hobbies is a good thing too. Everyone needs their space. So, it's a good thing that bodies of water tend to be large. :)
  9. Lisa, I'm not trying to diss on any fly fishing ladies, I just know that once children rear their heads, the "who gets to stay home and watch the kids while the epic hatch is happening" question tends to break homes.

    I'm sure it can be done, but most men aren't that strong.
  10. Well, let his Lordship weigh in here; Lisa, you continue a long tradition of ladies in fishing; I'm sure you've heard of Dame Juliana Berners. Welcome to the tradition and art. And while the true origin of Lady Julian is in question, what harm is there to perpetuate the story. eh?

    "... an illustrious female, eminently endowed with superior qualities both mental and personal. Amongst the many solaces of human life she held the sports of the field in the highest estimation." (

    Of course, this would imply that you and your boyfriend, if not already familiar with, should endeavor to learn the art of the field as well. Side-by-side shotguns, upland bird hunting, etc. Besides, Andrew would look good with a waxed handlebar moustache and tweeds, yes? :thumb:
  11. Oops, forgot! Flyborg, bro, when kids show up, that's what duct tape's for, dude!!
  12. So didn't you start out with humpies on every cast and then moved straight to steelhead, and got four in one trip? You completely skipped over sunnies and trout! I fear you may be, as we say in the South, "ruirnt." "Spolt." Spoiled.

    Good for you.

    p.s. I'm glad the little lady has her thing(s) and I have mine. But then we get together because opposites attract.
  13. Oh I love trout fishing too. I went to the Methow before I caught the pinks and steelhead and caught lots of small trout there. I am so new to this sport, but every time I go, I am surprised by how much I learn and how much I love it more every time.

    Went out today, and hooked a nice sized Coho (when intending for cutthroat) and it jumped clear out of the water then ran out so quickly that it broke my fly line and took it with him. That was so thrilling to see that- even though I was disappointed in not landing it- it was still beautiful to see.
  14. haha Good point. :beathead: If we get to that point, hopefully we'll be able to compromise. :)
  15. LisaMfly, you fish the two hander too? If so, nothing like jumping into fly fishing in full force. Kudos to you. You are already outfishing your Beau, how is he taking it?
  16. I saw something today I've never seen before.
    A very cute gal fishing SH rod and catching trout (not a surprise), and was wearing pastel pink breathable waders (surprise, new to me).
    Her casting wasn't so hot but then her male companion was only doing slightly better... it was good to see them out there having fun regardless. I three stepped down on them and rotated back up to stay out of their way, so never said hi or anything, but still it good to see. I'm pretty sure they both hooked up at least once. So, very cool.
  17. The last time I saw my wife in waders was up in Alaska a few years back. When we got home we found out she was pregnant. We figured out she was not only grumpy at me for fishing reasons, but also hormones.

    I have several lady friends that fish, but none of them have children and I think all of them are in relationships. Regardless, I don't think any of them would have anything to do with an Alaskan Bobber fishermen.
  18. Oh and one other I thought of....a few years or so ago I spotted some Hardy posters that had fly fishing females on them.

    Haven't been able to track down one of these elusive Hardy girls but they were fine Celtic specimans but maybe someone here can or has one of these posters.

    I miss England. bawling:
  19. I have practiced with a 2-hander before. In fact, it was at a clinic in Monroe where that my boyfriend brought me with him to so that I could see what fly-fishing was all about (before I had ever held onto a fishing rod), and the first rod I practiced casting in water was a spey rod. A good friend of mine, Bert Kinghorn, told me that I did a pretty good job for my first time using one. (Thanks Bert!) And my boyfriend was impressed as well. But since then, I really have only used single-hand rods when actually fishing. I am trying to perfect that style before I dive into spey rods full-force. I love the fight with steelhead and salmon on the single-hander. So fun and a lot more action.

    As for my "beau", I'm definitely not out-fishing him. But he said I am doing great compared to other beginners, and he is the best fishing mentor (and boyfriend) that I could ask for. That being, it's probably not common for a couple to be able to successfully be good at both. :) We are a great team in both aspects so far. :beer2:
  20. This thread is right up there with "the z-axis of shotguns" thread.

    What's next, we gonna discuss the best fabric textures and colors for reel covers?

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