Do i need a new camera?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by mike doughty, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. mike doughty

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    headed out at about 2pm to the weber river and while releasing a fish my camera and fly boxes fell out of my vest pocket, and of course i am standing where it is muddy at the rivers edge. my camers lands right in the mud and water, but not totally submerged, i'm sure some of you have had this happen and i'm wondering was your camera shot or did it just need to dry out. mines not working right at the moment and am hoping it will be better after it dries. if not, i was wanting a new one anyway, oh yeh and i caught so many fish today i lost track of how many hooked and landed. fun day.
  2. alpinetrout

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    If you tried to turn it on before it completely dried, there's a good chance you shorted something out. I know a few people who have saved their cameras by leaving them off for a few days after an accident and removing the battery.
  3. mike doughty

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    i could be screwed then because i continued turning it on and off taking pictures. it still takes pictures but i can't access some of the features now.
  4. Steelheader

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    Pull the batteries set it some place warm to dry it. A vent works good, but make sure it isn't to hot. Air is good but I wouldn't set it by a electric heater.

    Good luck.
  5. Jim Wallace

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    Hey Mike,
    I hope your camera dried out and started working again. If not, and you are going to buy a new one, why not get a water resistant one?

    I've been looking at digital cameras for a long time and finally bought one. I just ordered it online. I chose the Pentax Optio 44wr, a 4 megapixel job that is supposed to be able to take a bath for up to 30 minutes at depths up to 3 feet. Measures 3"X3.5"X1.2" so will fit in a pocket and has an attachment point for a lanyard. Only a 3X optical telephoto, but that is the trade-off for water resistance and relative thinness.

    Found it for $289.99 (total cost delivered) online by searching for Pentax sellers online, finally deciding to take a chance with ZipZoomFly (dot com), as Pricegrabber gave them a good rating and they had the cheapest price as well. Camera lists for $349.99, so I am happy with the deal.
    I expect to get it delivered by next week, as I just ordered it. Then I will finally post some photos, if I get any good shots worthy of posting. :thumb:

  6. mike doughty

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    I had to throw it away, it's dead. i already picked up a new one and unfortunately it is not waterproof, but it is a 5 megapixel camera so it is an up grade from what i had and hopefully it will take better pictures.
  7. andrew

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    I went fishing in Alaska with a guy who had this cool water tight plastic housing that was designed for is digital. You could access all of the buttoms from the outer shell. He had shown me a video he took of a friend fighting a cutt, placed the camera in the river and shot the cutt swimming alround their legs.

    His was a cannon something or other, but I'm not sure if only cannon makes these or if another company does for all models.

    I dropped our office camera in the drink, and thank God it came back to life! :p
  8. Bob Triggs

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    Not to snub, but do a search on this site forum for "Digital Cameras". Tons of good advice.
  9. FlyfishermanNY

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    I just purchased a Pentax Digital Camera model OPTIO 43 WR, Water resistant Class 7 and can take a dunking in water up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Beats all that I have seen on market and It takes great pictures. It is 4 MegPixels and around $300 cost. Now I no longer have to worry about stepping off a moving rock and falling in with a camera.
    Bob Studen
    FlyFishermanNY :thumb: