Do Seals ever concern you when wading waist deep in the salt? Do you ever feel unwelcome?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. I get rather worried because the Seals where I fish come rather close to me, really close. I'm generally really comfortable in the salt, I dive and fish and am all about boats, I love salt water and generally don't fear. But it seems that where I fish it's always a face off! There are always the same two Seals but mostly one is there the most. It's checks me out, I holler at it, then it goes under and swims to the right of me leaving huge wakes. A couple of weeks ago it popped up, gave me the eyeball and went under, a short while later it popped up even closer. I made lots of noise and u der it went. I waded back to knee deep just to be "safe"?

    Anyhow, has anyone experienced this and does it concern you? I'd hate to get bit by one of those suckers!

    I google searched Seal attacks, I guess they happen every now and then. It is believed to be "uncommon", an anomaly, but it has happened.

    Anyhow, any crazy stories out there where you felt slightly threatened?
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  2. Never had one get aggressive but they scare the hell out of me sometimes. They remind me of big otters....and otters can suck it!!!!
  3. Don't worry. It's breeding season for harbor seals at the moment. You must be looking like a cute spy hopping lady seal or something.
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  4. Never had one get aggressive. But it definitely doesn't help the fishing.
  5. I'm always torn about whether seeing a seal out on the beach is bad cause he chases fish away, or a good sign that at least there are fish around. I try to focus on the latter but who knows.
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  6. Hmmm... maybe my new tan/white waders aren't such a great idea after all
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  7. The Seal Sitter people scare me more then the seals.
  8. First of all, I'm with Nick on otters. Particularly at Pass at night, crunching away on trout in the dark. OMG!

    Seals haven't been a problem; they usually back off (backwards) after spy hopping you. It's the sea lions that get to me. Had one check me out this morning during the storm. They're big...
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  9. I find the otters at Lone to be particularly aggressive little bastards.
  10. Never had a problem with seals, but had a beaver chase me out of the water on the Skykomish one time. He popped up right in front of me and tail-slapped the water. Sounded like a rifle shot.
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  11. Yeah, Sea Lions would suck, had one come near to me at Manchester once. :)
  12. I will say this on the matter. though I have never been directly attacked by one. I have been splashed, bumped, and nocked over by them chasing fish.
  13. This kind of incident and that video make me think of how nice a seal's smooth, round head would look in the sights of a .22.............

    And, please, know that I'm just day dreaming. So no lectures & preaching.... Thanks in advance...
  14. Otters suck. Seals suck. My fishing record sucks. I'm not scared though, unless it is scared that I may not get to fish enough.
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  15. I think they're all pretty cool. I would pay a fish and a net to have that happen to me someday. What a story to be able to tell. Of course it sucks that they have to get in the way of angling, but still pretty cool to see. Of course I hope I never have a bad run in with one, I would think most of their routine is just posturing. Just enjoy it already ya grumps:) .
  16. Been seeing a bunch at my current SRC hangout, the seals are sweet and I love watching them, they remind me of my dogs, inquisitive and playful. I do have mega respect for Bull Sea Lions, those guys scare me when they pop up and make that steam train sound and look intently my way. Big heads and focussed eyes of a true predator, I keep my options open when I am in my kayak and have them hovering. Despite that, I enjoy seeing them and their presence enhances my experience immensely.
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  17. I'm ok with small harbor seals, but these Sea LIONs are no freaking joke. They look slow on land, but extremely agile in water. Pretty scary when you're in a small boat.
  18. A friend was fishing for pinks at Dash Point State Park and had a cleaned one on his stringer which was attached to his wading belt. A seal grabbed the salmon and took off with it, almost dragging my friend into the water, except that fortunately the salmon broke free of the stringer. Kind of scary... He now keeps any retained salmon in the plastic bag to reduce tempting any seals.

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  19. Has happened to me fishing at vancouver island. It was a big one too

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