Do you carry a net?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Call, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I mostly wade fish for trout in rivers and usually carry a net. I feel a net allows me to "capture" a fish sooner, slip the hook out and release them with less stress - often without even touching the fish. Without a net you have to play the fish out longer in order to handle them. Sometimes problematic if standing in two or three feet of moving water. Carrying a net is one of the reasons I wear a fishing vest. It allows me to hang my net off the top of the back with one of the magnet clips. It is easy to reach behind me and release the net. My problem is I really don't like wearing a vest. I much prefer a waist pack. Any good solutions for carrying a net while wearing a waist pack or a sling pack?
  2. I tie a lanyard onto my wading belt in the front on my left side and toss the net over my right shoulder so it rides in the middle of my back. Works good for me but then again I'm left handed so a righty might have to reverse the tie off point and so forth.
  3. I typically always have a net with me. I too have my rustic, old vest for the same reason.

  4. I bought a net because I thought I needed one. But with me not being able to bend down to net a fish I feel better with out it. Of course I should of got one with a longer handle. My bad. I use 5x tippet so I have no problem bringing in fast the fish I fish for. Most fish I fish for are under 16". I'm not into big fish.
  5. when i use my vest i carry it as you described but with my fanny pack in the summer i can just shove the handle down the back of the strap with the net pressed up against my back then have the cord attatched to a D ring on the pack. for this way a net with a medium to long handle would work best. i like to tail smaller fish (14"-16" and under) but always have a net for when i hook into a bigin.
  6. Steve, I just stick the handle through the waist pack strap (behind me). I don't even know it's there until I need it.
  7. I've also just tied the lanyard to a belt or other strap.

    Sometimes when wading, I don't even worry about sticking through my belt or anything if I don't have to--I just let it float in the water behind me, which works fine as long as the current isn't too strong and there's not a bunch of crap in the water that might float into it. If I hook a fish that needs to be netted, I can just reach behind and pull it up to me.

  8. I do it the way BennysBuddy does it.
  9. I can't resist. How do you release (or keep, get the hook out, whatever) your fish if you can't bend over far enough to use a net? Even a13" er could break 4x if your lifting them up by the leader/tippet.
  10. I didn't used to carry a net, just tail everything. But a net helps alot with fish mortality, at least rubber mesh. You described the reasons. I like my vests for the same reason you do, but I switched to a chest pack years ago, and a can still hang my net behind me with a magnetic release. I frequently wade deep enough I get my chest pack wet, a waist pack would be useless to me at least ninety percent of the time.
  11. No net for me...
  12. I only carry mine when I don't want to catch fish because I never do when I have it. Same thing happens when I leave it at home. The only time a I catch a fish is when I leave it in the truck.
  13. my superstition = when i carry the net, i seem to get few fish or smaller fish. when i leave the net at home, bigger fish. my mind just might be playing tricks on me, but regardless - i'm leaving the net at home this weekend
  14. Always. No sense in beating up the trout with my big ham-handed grip! Stuck to the back of my vest.
  15. Of course I always carry a net, but then I almost always fish from a kayak....many fishing kayaks have rod wells behind the cockpit for spin or baitcasting rods.....useless for single handed flyrods.....but the well is a great place to insert the net handle...and makes for very ready access. Just secure the net handle with a stretch cord.

    In my stream and river fishing days I rarely carried a net...usually was able to unhook and release the fish without lifting it out of the water. Found that a net usually got tangled up in the brush surrounding these dinky eastern Washington streams....nothing like getting whacked in the back of the head by a bungee powered net.
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  16. After over a decade of fishing without a net, I finally got one last year. The only time I don't have it now is if I forget it at home. Much easier to land fish promptly and release them unharmed. It also makes it a lot easier to get a photo while fishing alone without adding unnecessary stress to the fish. While I always take care with the fish that I land, the net just makes it a lot easier. A strong magnetic release attached to the D-loop with an elastic cord attached to it and the net, makes it easy to detach and reattach, while not having to worry about a branch catching it and losing it in the brush.
  17. I crimp the barbs down on 100% of my hooks, so no need to carry a net to reduce mortality. The hook nearly always just pops out without even handling the fish. I just slide my fingers down the tippet, find the fly, and pop it out.

    The only time I carry a net is when I think I'm going to catch the fish of a lifetime and I want to get a picture - and that's rare.
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  18. The guy who lives on the Beaverhead isn't into big fish lol!
  19. The fish of a lifetime can come at any point. During one of my many trips last year I managed to catch a 30 inch bull trout. Glad I had my net. Definitely wasn't expecting it.

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