Do you give info on the lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, May 22, 2011.

  1. I shared some info on a lake today. Then I shared a fly that was working for me with two guys that were struggling to get any attention, one for each of them. Then they said they had been fishing another lake where they were getting a rough go if it too, and I shared two flies each that I've had some decent luck at that other lake. I've never seen these guys before, and may not see them again, but I have no reason to be a jerk. I hope they fish those patterns and catch a fish or two.
  2. Now that is a dick. I would have said screw you.

  3. Sometimes. It all depends on the approach of the fly fisher, how I feel that day, and the water.

    It sounds like your day was very successful, count-wise, and he may have felt he didn't need to give out info to someone else who is also catching fish.

    It doesn't sound like he acted like a dick. I have a buddy who is a very good fly fish, mostly because he stays focused on what he's doing when he's fishing, and he's a GREAT guy and very social, but he could respond the way you just described just due to the extent he's dialed in. He's talkative, but when he's out on the lake, particuarly when midge fishing and his line in the water, there is some intense focus and he likes to keep to himself. You just noted the guy was focused and keeping his line tight even though he wasn't anchored down. He was multi-tasking, and doing a good job of it. I have no problem with it.

    It's kind of like when you go to the gym. There are some folks watching others, some folks talking to others occasionally comparing notes, and then a small percentage of folks who are in great shape who are not talking and are focused on what they are doing. There are some similarities in any activity; some folks are just intense and focused, and sometimes private, and they are often one of the better or the best at what they are doing because of that focus.
  4. It was me. Get over it;)
  5. I used to be alot more forthright with info and still am free with info, but I did have an experience many years ago that really turned me off to giving away all my secrets. I was at a very popular eastern Washington lake, and was ripping lips pretty good....there were only 2 other guys in the section of the lake I was fishing and they were'nt get any love. I offered them a couple of my "secret flies" and low and behold they started to get into fish too.....which was GREAT. The problem came when I found out the next week, one of them was a sports writer for one of the westside newspapers. Well, he had to write his column about this lake.....the next week when I went back te place was crawling with westsiders....a real I am much more selective in dispensing info.
  6. If I'm pretty sure the person is a catch and release or something close to it fisherman, I'll tell them anything they want to know. I'm a bit reluctant if they are meat fishermen but would probably tell them anyway if they seem like nice people.
    I have lake fished and camped near guys who were nailing fish after fish and would not give me any info until they got to know me. Several of those guys held out for three weeks (over three yearly one week trips to the same lake).
  7. Good reading for a cold Memorial Day. I get a kick out of those who make comments like the guy was a jerk or a dick, etc. Really what did he do that was so terrible? He simply replied that he didn't share info. So big deal. If he had screamed at the questioner or cussed him out then thats different.

    Was the guy friendly. Heck no he wasn't. But that does not make him a jerk. I usually am more than happy to share info when I am having a successful day but on occassion I also have situations where I don't such as when I percieve the asker is being lazy. If a guy has tried to figure out what is happening and can't seem to get it I often will offer assistance. But when a guy comes onto the water and the first thing he does is start asking what line, depth, retrieve, fly etc. Then he is going to get a vary vague brush off.

    You guys need to lighten up. Would this guy be one of my fishing buddies. Probably not. But he didn't do anything wrong either.
  8. WHat a dbag. Lake fishing is a social event and should be fun. Enjoy chatting with other guys and sharing patterns. They're planted fish for Christ sakes.

    I do run into guys fly fishing that you can tell catching fish holds no enjoyment.

    Working out other issues while fishing I guess. If a hard strike can't bring a smile to your face and a whoop do not understand why people would go fishing.
  9. Ok answer me this. Many of you have said things like ....on a lake.....a lake is a social event....etc. Explain to me what the difference is between a lake and a river when it comes to sharing information cause I don't get it??????
  10. People who judge others, not knowing them, seem like the Dbags to me.
  11. Come over and fish the Lenice or Leech Lake crowds and you understand
  12. As many times as I've been to Lenice I've never seen it be a big social event. Sometimes there's a lot of people and sometimes only a couple. I don't see everyone on the lake chatting it up and passing out flies. I see people trying to get it dialed in there own little piece of space. I see some people doing well and others struggling. I don't see those that are hitting fish handing out flies on a regular basis to those who aren't doing well. I see people staking claims to certain areas of the lake and they don't want to be crowded too tight. I see idiots on 2 way radios trying to use that technology when their buddy is 50 ft away...... OVER!

    Most Eastside steelhead are planted, carp, bass, walleye, etc.... all have been planted. Browns in those little zipper, don't name it, don't talk about it, don't post it on the internet criks over there were planted..... OVER!

    Kind of funny to see so many people get upset and call a guy a dick, Dbag, jerk because of 1 person's experience on a lake with a guy 1 time.
  13. I had just the opposite on Chopaka May 25th. I was finning to a place to fish and a guy named Matt called to me to come join him to fish to rising fish. I declined but said I would go just beyond him and fish. We had a great time fishing next to each other and congratulated each other everytime we hooked one. What a neat guy. I don't know his last name. It was my last day of fishing up there so I gave him all the flies that had worked the 4 days I fished Chopaka. What a neat guy

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