Do you know this lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by djzaro, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I can't find info on this lake since I don't know how to spell it. I have tried all different search engines and spellings with no luck. This is a lake 6-8 hours north in Canada, duh. The name is myrtle, mertal or mertle or something along those lines. I was told it is the largest lake in the hemi not allowing motors, so this should ring a bell for some of you. I can't believe I couldn't find any info!! Thanks in advance for any info. I tried already along with many other, I must be a moron or was given bad info.
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    I had a trip planned there a few years ago but it had to be canceled. Just drove by the access road two weeks ago but alas, no time to stop and check it out.

    Any info on fishing it would be great. They say there are trout and kokanee but not much more info that I can find.
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    Murtle Lake is in Wells-Gray Provincal Park. A friend has fished it for the past ten years or so. He and I were scheduled to visit a couple years ago but some work challenges prevented me from joining him.

    It's a big-ass lake so canoes are a necessity since motors are indeed not allowed. You can rent canoes and portage carts at Little Fort. Drive west to the parking area and then portage the canoe a mile or so to the lake. Camping is available only in designated spots all around the lake. Bears are an issue there so all the campsites have locking bear boxes to store food in.

    Since the lake is rather large and deep, fish can be scattered. My friend brings along a float tube and then hikes up to some of the smaller lakes nearby for some unbelievable fishing.

    I've attached a large scale map as a JPEG. Google up Wells-Gray and there's a lot of information available there. PM me and I'll point you to some of the spots my friend scoped out.

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    Thanks all!! Yep, that's it, when I make it up there I will let you all know all it was.