Do you pad your pontoon seat?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chef, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. In my canoe I use a CG approved flotation seat cushion. Hopefully it will never be needed for its primary purpose but you never know.

    And speaking of flotation devices a floatation vest is required for most watercraft. It is a hefty fine if caught without one.

  2. As you can see, there is no frame under the back of the seat. The straps hold the back of the seat up, but it is adjustable, so you can tilt the seat back. It is like tow strap, so will last forever.
  3. Chef, did any of this info help you??????????????/
  4. Totally it did. I went to rei today and got an air cushion. Thank you all for the help.

    Trout.. I looked at my seat and I can't move the position of the seat at all with the exception of moving it back or forward.
  5. the seats are mounted with 4 bolts, remove the 2 in the front, make a spacer, get longer bolts, wa la seat is now tilting back
  6. Chef, you can buy spacers of various kinds at the home hardware stores. I've used nylon spacers to raise seats on pontoon frames.
  7. The spacers are a great idea Trout Master and Scottflycst. I prefer to pad my seat by eating a lot of cheeseburgers.
  8. Mumbles please read carefully, under the seat dont put the pad in the front of your pants. Unless your trying to find guys to go to the OP with you.
  9. Try this[​IMG]:rofl:
  10. Jeff is that Mumbles?
  11. I have the X5 and Renegade like Blue has (wonder why?). The Renegade with the inflatable seat area and the stadium type seat is the most comfortable setup I've ever had. Let a little air out to your liking and I can last a lot longer on the water than I can on the X5. Weighing about 230, my ass compresses the plastic seat "padding" in a nano second it seems. One inch of cheap foam doesn't govern far. Then it's constant fidgeting and rocking back and forth to get comfy. That starts to blow after a while. I thought I was the only one with this affliction bawling:.
    We did have Bucks Bag Alpine back in the old days, and I did put on one of those thermal rest tush cushions on like mentioned in a previous post (it had no back or seat cushion on it at all) and used some spray adhesive to glue it down permanently. My brother's wife has it now and it still going strong after 11 or 12
    Myself, I was thinking of having the seat re-upholstered and having them put a denser foam put in. I wonder if memory foam would work?
  12. As far as the seats go, .....PHOOEY! on the folding plastic-padded seats. (Yeah, like the one in the photo you posted here.) I made that decision last year after my 1st & only outing for the season. THEY GOTTA GO, ....& that's final! Walmart has the regular style Aluminum frame with pvc/plastic bottoms, (that won't rot away) much more comfortable boat seats, for about $25.00 a pop. If you want to upgrade, then browse thru Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shop's selection. And even with the additional weight factors, (which isn't nearly as much as you'd think), it's still worth the financial cost, because it'll really save your back the strain of not being properly supported.
    Another trick/tip is to add a couple of wedges to the front side of the seat mount to increase the height, which will reduce the leg strain associated with lower back pain. And there is also the type of mounting for the seats, they sell all kinds/sizes of pedestals, which can also assist in relieving back strain.

    And believe me I'm speaking from experience, because I blew out two discs in the lower lumbar, & now have the two rods, six screws, & three little clips, to live with for the rest of my life. I've known for the past six years now, that real true pain, is the only true emotion. It can sit you up in bed, waking you out of a deep solid sound sleep, shake you to your core, slap you around, & let you know without any doubt about it, that YES , you S-O-B, YOU!, .....are STILL ALIVE!!! Because if you were dead it wouldn't hurt so bad.
    And buddy, let me tell ya, that is the signature of real pain.
  13. I plan to try the renegade out. I am hoping that it is going to be easier on my butt and back.

    If the renegade doesnt work... I will have to play around with using the spaces and tipping the seat up a little and perhaps getting a new seat.

    themaninthemoon: did you add the wedges to the front two mounts so the seat tipped back more? And I agree.... it is the pain that is a killer. I tried moving all around, taking a break and all but I just couldnt handle it for much longer. Now... even sitting at the computer chair is a killer on my lower back. grrr.
  14. Oh, yeah the squirming only gets worse if you can't sit properly supported. And that's only the beginning of it because, sure, you can force yourself to fight the pain, which takes longer to recover from. It might last a few hours, if you can change to a more horizontal, or even flat on your back type situation, or if you continue to fight it, it can last up to a few days or even longer.

    Yes, add or reduce the amount of wedges to the front of the seats, right where the bolts go, so you might have to purchase some longer ones,depending on how far back you need the seat to tilt, so that you're comfortable, and your back is supported by the face of the seat back, & you can even add a headrest, (LOL), if you want to tilt it that far. Actually thinking about doing just that, adding a headrest, that is. This will result with the pressure of your body's weight being distributed more evenly across the plane of the seat, thus reducing direct pressure on the damaged nerve(s).

    And it sounds like you have damage, at least some, according to the level of distress you're talking about. You might want to speak with a pro, like a orthopedic Dr., or maybe even a neurologist. If they want you to have an MRI, do it, because your back hurting is from pain, if it's numb, that's also pain, damage to the nerves. I know it sounds crazy, but just ask the Dr.
    A MRI will show where the problem stems from.

    Mine actually showed the collapsed discs, & the bulge of what was left of the discs pushing on the nerves, which was the source of the pain. I was hurting so bad it hurt to breathe. Literally! This is not something to try & tough it out, because maybe it will go away, but what if it doesn't? Early diagnoses, = early treatment, & is the way to go.

    I've got an idea from this conversation, maybe I'll have a flexible solution by spring.
    Hoosier friend
  15. All my seats come with natural padding... but don't htink you guys want to see a picture of my fat butt..
  16. It's not your fat bu, .......... OOOOhhhhh! Ah hah hah!, ...... now ....I ...get it, (I think, least I hope I'm right), .....oh ho ho, ha ha, hee hee, heh, heh, heh! LMFAOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    Happy Holidays TO YOU TOO!!!
  17. Looks like you've received a lot of great information already, but thought I might add a few more bits you may find helpful. I have a Scadden Skykomish too and like it a lot, but had the same problem with butt-aches from the boat seat it comes with. It's not very comfortable, especially if you're over 6'. I ended up changing out Scadden's seat to a Tempress High Back Boat Seat and put it on a small 7" pedestal. It is way more comfortable and my butt (and my back) have been thanking me ever since.
  18. thats a good idea fish. Where did you get the pedistal at? which model of seat?
  19. You can latch onto different sizes of pedestals almost anywhere, hell, even Walmart carries a few different ones, & they are about the least costly anywhere around. But it wouldn't hurt to do your homework, & check out Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shops either.
    I'd even put a WTB on the Classified section here @ WFF 1st.
    Depending on the type, style, or size, they can run anywhere between the neighborhood of $7.00 up to the $85.00 range. Walmart sells an adjustable pedestal for about $ 27-35.00 range. It's like the one I had to purchase for my toon's front seat mount. A 3/8ths pin w/clip allows you to choose the height that you are comfortable @. Worked really good for me, especially for my screwed up back.
    Hoosier friend, Hmmmm?

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