Do you pad your pontoon seat?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chef, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. 7"? Can you still kick?
    How about this Pedestals/Springfield Swivel Seat Mount.html
  2. I've found that if you get a pedestal, it can be difficult (or impossible) to kick, unless you have the legs of a giraffe. If you get a pedestal taller than 7", it can be also difficult to row as your oars (on the backstroke) will hit your legs. I use a 7" pedestal from (I think) Cabelas (and 7' oars), and that allows me to row pretty well without smacking my legs. But I'm still not able to kick. I use an electric trolling motor on the lakes to make up for the lack of fins. When I'm at a location where I need to kick, I take pedestal off, and bolt seat directly to frame, then use my fins. I have few pics of my boat (with pedestal) in the gallery section, under trout, under fishinguy, titled pronghorn. I posted them last night from a trip I took this fall in southern Oregon. (P.S. It's also much easier to stand up on the Scadden platform using a pedestal. Standing helps to stretch out the legs and butt.)
  3. Chef, here is another post you started but dont follow up on. Did you get your new boat? renegade or what ever ,does that seat serve you well?
  4. it takes me a while, trout.
  5. Trout Master , remember this grasshopper
  6. i luv u trout master...... u remember that!
  7. Something NEW from NFO for the Renegade, Rampage, & Challenger:


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