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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Norm Frechette, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. flies deleted
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  2. Hook is too long, I knew Doc
  3. I used to use the Spratley Nymph a LOT when I used to live in Alberta`s Jasper National Park

    I tied up a few this year to fish some of the local lakes around Kamloops , did well with them .

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  4. Kind'a skinny but I like the pattern (s).
  5. Yeah, me too. Them flies need to be taken off Nutrisystem.
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  6. good for you

  7. so aremt all the others online

  8. They may be but the ones sold up in BC are chubby bodied ones and not as neatly tied as yours.
  9. I've always used them with a profile much more like the nymph photo above. Good fly for the Ringold area of the Columbia this time of year. Have you had much success with the thin profile?
  10. One of the great patterns. Chironomid, dragonfly nymph, or minnow. I usually tie them on a bit shorter shank hook but with a longer throat. Nice ones, Norm. All colors OK. I believe the original was black wool.
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  11. Yep one hell of a nice man I was a kid at the time but he would show me how to tie
  12. Great history link Daryle.
    As with any pattern we are free to interpret but if your goal is historical accuracy we need to do our homework.

  13. used to be,, on many of the BC lakes (hathueme before the freeway) as well as Pass and Chopaka, ect that a Doc and a SixPac in a cpl sizes were all you needed.
  14. well i thought i tied them per the recipe and from some fotos online but got a beat down instead. never again. thanks
  15. Norm, I wouldn't class it as a beat down unless you got PMs in addition. I called them skinny. They are also very neatly tied. Some of the stuff I've seen for sale in BC had the plump sedge body but didn't have that nice neat look.
  16. You mean you didn't come here for your fair share of abuse? :)

    Two rules for Internet Forums: 1) never take anything typed too seriously. 2) see rule one.

    I always enjoy seeing the patterns you post so the hell with everyone else! :p

    (considering the discrepancies in fly pattern recipes from the originals -- for crying out loud, the original Prince Nymph includes no peacock herl-- there's always going to be different interpretations of the same pattern -- sometimes, the mutant works better than the original. I'm still not exactly sure how the devil you're supposed to tie a Carey Special. that pattern has mutated seven ways to Sunday)
  17. One thing that I have learned about the internet, a thick skin is essential. I NEVER let anything typed on the internet get under my skin. Norm, there is nothing wrong with your flies, I have seen Spratleys tied fat ,thin and everything in between. Yours are far better than the ones that I tie beside some lake when I have forgotten the careful ties at home. The older that I get the worse my flies look. I would fish yours any day, in fact you can send me a dozen anytime that you like. Just PM me for an address.:D
  18. Norm, After looking at your flies for a bit I'd call them a Spratley with a thin Carey body. I can't tell if your tail and throat hackle are grizzly or guinea. I've started using guinea as it's "old school".

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