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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Norm Frechette, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I just call them nice, you did well
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    I hope there was nothing in my post which was taken as a negative.
    The "Doc" is an interesting fly. I would just love to see the original. All I know for sure is that it was tied on a #6 hook with a black wool body. It was a lake fly and probably was trolled? Over the years it has been tied in all different sizes, colors, body materials (floss, wool, chenille) and configurations (dragonfly nymph, minnow, chironomid pupa). This often happens to fly patterns over time; especially good ones. So, there is no "wrong" Doc Sprately. I suspect that Norm's black rendition might be closest to the original fly. Personally, I prefer the olive color which is the one I usually tie.
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    The post must have been deleted or the insult p.m.ed, cuz I didn't read anything resembling a beatdown.
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    I haven't edited my post. I think it was one of the other posts about "skinny" maybe? Probably just said in jest.
    Norm is a great tier. I always enjoy his poppers/bass bugs. Great paint jobs.

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    FOR ME, fly recipes are like cooking recipes, they are just a guide and you can add your own flair. It's the creative outlet that makes it fun, for me.

    The flies in question are well proportioned and nicely tied.
  6. I got on a Doc Spratley tying jag last winter and filled a box with variants on a great theme. A couple of my favorite variations are to make the body of peacock herl, another is red dyed pheasant tail for the wing, and a third is a Doc Spratley dry, which has an elk hair tail, with the elk hairs forming the underbody, and a grizzly dry hackle over the pheasant tail wing.

    Array of Doc Spratley variations
    Doc Spratley array 2.jpg

    Doc Spratley dry
    Doc Spratley dry black.jpg
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    A friend sent this photo to me of steelhead Spratlys he found on the internet. I don't know who tied them but they are very nicely done.

    . ds.jpg
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    nice dry pattern
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    opinions are like assholes....
    everyboy has one
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    .... and they all stink.
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    well said

    I think Doc Spratley use to say
    "and they all smell like ass"
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    Thanks all for the posts of the variations of one of my favorite patterns. I always enjoy seeing variations and trying different ones.