Doctor, doctor, Mr. MD (quick trip report...)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Sep 25, 2013.

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    COHO FEVER! That's what's ailing me!

    Got a few really dime-bright coho this afternoon. Spent just a few hours on the water, but had a blast. A young boy (maybe around 11 or 12) came over as I was landing a fish. He lived down the road, had fished for 17 days he said without a fish. Gave the little guy some flies to cast behind his corkie. Ended up handing him my rod to land a pink, he seemed pretty excited (though my eyes were bulging as my rod was literally doubled over, I'm calmly saying "give him just a little slack please...)

    Anyway, here's a few pics. Met some cool gear guys today, learned a new spot just a bit, pretty awesome to be fishing so close to my house.

    Thanks again all, as always, great state, great site.


    Mint Coho

    Typical fat pink, still plenty of fresh fish it seems

    On the dangle!
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    That pink is a piggy. Cool report...but I'm jealous you just moved here and have more days out than I've had in 5 years!
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