Does anyone have a Chum report?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by 05tacoma, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had a recent report that has been out beach fishing? (or another resource for a recent report?)
  2. The Chums are in pretty thick out at Zoosport now.

  3. Ditto on Hoodsport.
  4. How about Chico Creek? Any news?
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  5. I was out at chico yesterday, very few fish showing, there were about 8 stuck in the pool at the little spillway at low tide and only one small school moving in and out of the estuary. I did manage to catch one, pretty surprising considering the low number of fish.
  6. What about the "No Trespassing" signs? I'm assuming they are still up. Has that deterred fishermen from traipsing down the trail to the beach?

  7. The wife and I drove down there today and they were still up, and no it didn't deter the one guy that I saw from using the trail.

  8. I had to go in a different way to get to the beach, I'll be going down to talk to the property owner tonight or tomorrow to see if he intends on closing down the access I'll post what I find out. I did a search and everything there is private even the tidelands and out aways into the bay it really surprised me how much of the bay is private property, it goes out farther than the low tide mark.
  9. Taken from another board...

    "I spoke with Ray Frederick, of the Bremerton Pogie Club this evening. Representatives of his group met with the property owner who posted the No Trespassing signs and worked out an arrangement with him. The Club, working with Sportsmen Warehouse will post No Littering signs and there will be trash receptables along the creek which will be emptied by the club.
    The Chum run could happen any day now, and we
    tip the hat to Ray and his group for keeping this important access open and available to all fishermen.

    All fishermen should respect this, and not leave anything behind...except footprints."

    I think the last line says it all. Some people have been working pretty hard to get this access available to us all again. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring small trash bag if you fish Chico and spend a little while doing a police call. A small investment of time picking up trash will benefit us all.
  10. Bill,

    Super good news. We should make a point to express our appreciation to the Pogie Club. A good bunch of folks, and also good on the property owner who talked it out with them.

  11. iagree I have made a few trips down there and hvae always managed to fill a bag or at least my pockets with trash left behind by the inconsiderate. I have tried to encourage others to pick up as they go but have usually been met derisive laughter or insult. Some have been heard to reply it is their "right" to fish there and "it's public property", "effin' fly tosser yuppie" is a favorite from the snagger crowd.:mad:. A friend of my daughter, a marine biology/fisheries student from Europe, was visiting for the holidays and remarked at how badly she had seen fishing areas treated in America. I her home country fishing was considered much more a costly privilege than here. Perhaps if that mindset were to become a standard here...?
  12. Thanks for the info Bill, and thanks to the pogie club for yet another service to the community, great outfit, and yes please pick up trash when you see it last year I started doing it and its amazing all the crap people were just throwing away down there, totally inconsiderate. One other thing to mention is everyone really needs to consider the people that live down there and how they might view things, theres only a few homes and every year they have to put up with hoards of people coming down their street parking on both sides and just generally massing in one small area that for the rest of the year must be just a quiet little slice of heaven for them, so take care where you park and if possible thank them for their patience and tolerance.
  13. Some good stuff reported and points mentioned here. Hats off to those involved in getting this situation worked out. If I get out that way I for one will be sure to bring a garbage bag and make a point in comming out with more than I went in with. Good Going!!!
  14. Somebody should buy a costco-sized box of garbage bags and a small clear plastic storage container for them. Put it at the trailhead with a sign offerring one to anybody who is willing to use one to pick up trash. Small investment and although I am sure some will abuse it and grab one to hold a fish, it might make it more likely for people to pick up trash at the end of their day.

    I can't think of how many times I run into a trashed area and would gladly take the time to pick up the trash if I had a bag. I try and carry one whenever I think to put one in, but most of the time I forget to stick one in my vest.

    Just an idea. Props to the Pogie's even though I don't take part in this particular fishery.
  15. This is my first fall in WA. The darkness decends, the rains are unrelenting yet we celebrate! Holoween blowouts, All Saints Day, Dia de Los Muertos, Ramadan etc. We hunters of the waters stalk Kings, coho, chum, searuns, trout ................

    The trash thing is insane! Whats up this northwest salmon thing seems to be some kind of drunken snagfest for too many. I'm used to the usual perenial litter, usualy being able to pick up most of it easily- but this is rediculous. Is this a cracker hillbilly phenonema? Yes and no. I've fished on several reservations and the sacraligous full on trash trash blows my mind. It's got be more than accidental inattention! I think it says, ***Includeing the the magistry, mystery, and beauty of creation!" That my friends is a powerfull ****!

    Hey its just the way it is, we do what we can and much needs to be done.
  16. I feel ya One Eyed Poacher.....lets wet a line when I get home for a break from school (maybe we can even drag out a familiar buddy of yours from highschool).
  17. Access throughout Washington will only get more difficult as the population increases and the trashers continue to use the places where they stand as a giant garbage can. I am all for adding an additional salmon fishing stamp targeted for enforcement. We need to begin placing a true value on how important sportfishing is in order to demand more from WDFW in regard to such things as access and keeping the trashers and snaggers in line. Right now the only important salmon fishing in the view of WDFW bureaucrats and harvest managers is that pursued for commercial purposes. As it has always been, it remains up to us and organizations like the Poggie Club, WFFC, FFF and others to carry the grass roots banner for such issues. Join an organization. Become active. Help save our fishing.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  18. Went from chum report to:

    1. Tresspassing
    2. Littering
    3. Ranting
    4. Politics

    So have any of you been out to hoodsport at all this week? Heard any reports on that area. Fish that is.

  19. Fly-- Just got back from a run down the Canal to Potlatch with several "secret" stops along the way. For the first time ever during chum season, I saw no live fish. At one creek where I expected to see fish, I spotted three carcasses--last year there were dozens in the same place. A walk up the creek a ways turned up no fish--dead or live.

    There was no one fishing at Potlatch and no fish showing, either. Hoodsport had four or five boats in the zone and maybe two dozen fishermen lined up along the creek. Since boats and fishermen looked to be in each others' pockets, I suspect there were few fish. I didn't see any sign of live fish there, either. Did see a guy with one fish in the parking lot as I drove by, but that was it.

    By this time, I expect there to be chum aplenty in all the places I stopped, but it looks like they are way late or not coming.

  20. Geez, Louise

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