Does anyone remember Kunnan rods?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by H2O, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. H2O

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    Last night, in my garage, I found a nasty, dirty PVC tube with caps on it. I did not give it any thought and contemplated tossing it. I have been in the lumber business for over 20 years and I have accumulated lots of 'stuff'.

    The tube did not rattle, so I thought it was empty. For some reason I opened it and there was a rod in it. I pulled it out and stared at it for about a minute. It was a Kunnan Advantage fly rod... 7'6" for a 5/6 weight... and BRAND NEW with plastic still on the grip!!!

    My very first fishing rod was a Kunnan and I have always been looking for another. I heard that their factory burned down many years ago and they did not rebuild. A few people over the years have told me that Kunnan's are collectors items and there are some die hard fans still out there. I have no earthly idea where this rod came from but I felt like a little kid a Christmas. Even though the rod might suck and be worth nothing, it sure brought back some very good memories.

    Does anyone have any more info on Kunnan rods or does anyone else have or used to have Kunnan's?
  2. Banzai

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    They were good rods. I have one in 8wt 8 1/2' 2 pc that I still fish for Bass, Salmon, and Shad.
  3. Old Man

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    Well I had one, an 8' 2 piece casting rod. I have since traded it to Matt Burke For a spey rod that I don't have anymore. Horse trading, one never gets over it. Don't know if he still has it.

    I think that I got it at Hook, Line, and Sinker. Their first shop.

  4. poirierpro

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    Back in the day Kunnan used to make graphite golf club shafts too. Very high quality but ridiculously overpriced...thats why they didnt make it.
  5. Lugan

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    So is that a graphite rod or fiberglass?
  6. papafsh

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    The Kunnan company made fishing rods and rod blanks as well as shafts for golf clubs. They were located in Stuart, So Carolina and the factory burned down in the 1990's.
    They were highly regarded for their casting, spinning, and off shore saltwater rods. I had two of the 9' casting rods that I used for salmon fishing off the Edmonds pier years ago. I bought them at one of the original "Sports Man's" shows at the King Dome.
    There is a guy selling a nice Kunnan rod on ebay, he listed it as a fly rod but it's really a spinning rod 6'6" 4 piece with the original case and sock.

  7. East Fork

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    I have a 7/8 weight Kunnan I'll send you if you will reimburse me for the postage. It is a slower rod I never much favored. The fore grip has been patched with wood putty. It may be labled as a composite rod as opposed to all graphite. It's been sitting in my garage unused for 20 years. There is nothing wrong with it. I just quit using it because I liked other rods better. PM with your address if you want it. I suspect it will cost between $10 and $20 mail.

    Actually, I'll send it to anyone that wants it but H20 has first shot at it.
  8. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    I have an 8'6" 5/6wt Kunnan. Slowest rod I have that isn't glass.
  9. Gatorator

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  10. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Kunnan's are great rods. Have several, I buy and sell them as I go. They are still producing golf shafts last I heard, but they aren't making the rods. They made rods all over, including overseas. Had a customer who repped them, I heard a few other stories of what happened, but I know most of my returns tags said said they were based in San Diego, CA. Maybe that's where they homebased all the overseas rods? Still have a 13' centerpin rod made by Kunnan. Use it occasionally.

    I love their rods though, I was pissed when they stopped selling. Especially their old brown blank rods. Excellent rods. They had their Advantage 96 series. Dark black woven blank. Still have an unbuilt 7' 4/5 wt I never finished building. I never had a problem with them. I love them to death. Want to buy up a couple salmon steelhead rods to make up for all the ones I had sold off while I was off injured. Still have a couple noodle rods, but that's about it.
  11. Randy Diefert

    Randy Diefert aka: Longears

    I used to have a 9' casting rod years ago that I had matched up with a Penn 930 for Steelhead off of the beach. It brings back memories of the "old Days" at Bush and Lagoon Points... Those days are gone forever.
  12. flybill

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    I thought that name sounded familiar and then checked my golf clubs. I bought a full set of Kunnan clubs years ago and like them a lot. I have no idea if they're still around in the golf industry, but don't play enough to think about a new set of clubs. Other than the new driver I bought about a year ago.

    Sounds like their rods are slow, which isn't always bad. I enjoy casting my first flyrod once in a while, my 8wt Wright and McGill glass rod.

    I don't fish it much, but enjoy it since it was my dad's. And it got me into this crazy addiction of standing in cold water in the middle of winter chasing fish that don't want to bite until you get the fly close enough to piss them off! Now who doesn't call that fun!! :thumb:

    Throw in a good cigar and your beverage of choice, and you've got a great way to spend your time! :beer2:
  13. Old Man

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    You can't drink..... It's bad for your gout. Kid.
  14. flybill

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    Well, sometimes you just have to say "WTF" and do it! Plus I only drink the good stuff, no PBR or any macro beer for that matter. Jameson, Absolute, Padron, Crown, a fine cab or merlot, etc... Throw in my other bad habit of smoking good cigars a lot more often these days...

    But I'm sure my doctor will agree w/ you when I see him this morning... bawling:

    I just take more gout medicine when I have too.. better living through chemistry! Plus I'm looking for quality of life, not necessarily quantity... what would I do w/ that, get my post count in the 10,000+ category! :eek:

    :beer1::beer2:ptyd (where's the damn smoking guy?)
  15. Avocamark611

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    Kunnan fly rods were very inexpensive when i was pricing them. $ 29.95 to $ 39.95. Of course after the factory burnt down the prices skyrocketed. Ive been looking for one eversince. If you know of someone who is interested in selling, send me an e-mail.Was a very nice graphite rod for the money thanks Mark
  16. fly-by

    fly-by Active Member

    I still have a Kunnan noodle rod from around 1990. Caught my first great lakes steelhead with it, but moved on to FF shortly thereafter.
  17. Jim Riggins

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    Bi Mart sells them
  18. freestoneangler

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    Still have a spin-caster and a bait-caster hanging the garage. The bait-caster was my go to plugging rod way back in my catch, fillet and smoke'em days. The spin-caster was my father's which I just keep for the memories. They were (are0 great rods for the price.
  19. MGP0657

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    My name is Mark, and i have a great liking to get another Kunnan rod for fishing trout salmon mostly shore fishing,light line fishing something long 8-12 feet noodle rod type thin shaft and sensitive . I have a 7 foot and love the rod over any that i own,very sensitive for the soft biters like perch ,I know they no longer make them ,but they have a few still out there and hoping someone may want to part with one at a reasonable price.If so email me at
  20. MGP0657

    MGP0657 New Member

    H2O do you still have the rods by Kunnan,if so are they for sale