Does anyone still use this great winter steelhead fly?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dave McNeese, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Well Davy, Speyfisher, Classic patterns are still used in my neck of the woods. Thank God for that. I did however pull out an intruder this winter for some great lakes steel.
  2. At some point the rivers will be swingable around here! I've tried to do it a few times, but overall the days I could get out were only during high water times, so I had to "crick" it.... Geez, maybe this weekend will offer a respite from the rain and a chance to use that fly!!!!!
  3. 'bought 2 lbs of lead and a spinNglo the size of an apple is the ticket here right now
  4. If I'm not too late I'd love to test out the fly. Just finished a job change that'll see me with notably more fishing time (finally!) and I've got a steelhead trip to Yakoun in a few weeks I'm bouncing off the walls about (still a steelie virgin!).

    Great to see such a generous offer. I've been on the receiving end and giving end riverside of successful flies of the day for salmon species and it'd be great to see that becoming more and more the norm in general.

    PM sent.
  5. Got my first report back on the Drain 20.

    Fishing conditions

    7'-8' of clarity
    small Washington coastal stream
    air temp 40 degrees F
    time 3:00 afternoon
    weather was partly cloudy with a slight haze in the air

    The fly worked great as I finally got a chance to swing a fly. The run was a very short, very shallow run on a Washington stream. The water was *very* clear and we saw several darker steelhead in the run. Overall the brightness of the afternoon was pretty average, and the trees overhead lent the run to a darker kind of feel. Since the water was so clear, I decided to use a smaller profile fly. Swinging the fly the 3rd time around, a nice sized buck chased and smashed the fly. After landing the fish, I swung the fly several more times and got lots of fish chasing but no takes. It was neat to see the chase, but dissapointing not to have another hookup. I did change flies to something darker, but that particular fly only had a couple of fish even look at it. I was relatively amazed that the fish took especially since they probably felt harassed.
  6. Great to see someone actually fish this fly. I can't wait to get mine and fish it this year.
  7. Mr. McNeese...

    Being late to this thread, I won't even bother to ask for a fly (I would love to have one to "give it a go" but I am sure you have plenty of requests.)

    I do have a question regarding a spey hackling technique that you developed according to Dec Hogan in his "Advance Fly Fishing for Steelhead". In the section of Dec's book about hackling techniques, he describes your method for using polar bear fibers trapped between floss threads. I have tried to reproduce that technique based on Mr. Hogan's description but to date, the results have been flies with fairly bulky bodies. I was hoping you might be able to provide some additional pointers as I really like the options your technique provides for building multi-colored spey hackles.

    Thanks much!

    Steve Cole
    Tumwater, WA
  8. Dave, I appreciate you digging this pattern out of the dusty bins of steelhead history. We are getting blinded by all the new patterns coming out right now that the pure simplicity and elegance of the patterns that of our god fathers of steelheading left to us should not be forgot!

    I am now looking for other good old patterns like the 20 to investigate and perhaps, leave the "trash" flies at home once in ahwhile.

  9. Well gave my Drains 20 a shot yesterday. Found a nice snag free run and tied on some 40 lb tippet( just joking!) Must say this fly looks amazing in the water. As for luck no biguns but did have a nice half pounder jump all over it on about the sixth cast. The fish was the only fish of the day. the weather was light overcast to fog to sunshine. The water was just about perfect for the North Coast a perfect green. That reminds me I gotta go fishing! Thanks again for the fly Dave Its a pleasure to fish one of your flies. Will keep you posted on any future success. Kevin

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