Does anyone?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Skip Enge, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Skip Enge Active Member

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    use float tubes anymore? Very portable , packable, meaning you walk them in and don't have to deal with boat ramps...just wondering...I mean it's a person floating on the water in a personal watercraft...I have a Bucks U boat...had it a long time...and a Fishcat...I have fished from them at Drano for summer steel and salmon too many times to on! Nantucket sleighride...nothing like it...I guess if I drifted big rivers I'd get a big toon too...Any thoughts?
  2. SteveA Gnu to the board

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    Yeah. Fish Cat is all I've got but one of these days want to add to my fleet.
  3. Big E Moderator

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    I use one for small lakes. I used to use it for big lakes until I got caught out in the wind a couple times. Have a pontoon w/oars and soon to have a trolling motor for the bigger water now. Haven't used either on rivers or in the salt.
  4. kvannice Member

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    I have one used it a lot tell i got my toon. Used it alot tell i picked up my pram. now im thinking about going back to the tube to hike in lakes just trying to find some alone time.
  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Love mine.
  6. Mark Mercer Member

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    Yes..... I've always enjoyed fishing in a tube more than anything else, especially my SFC. Sold my toons, didn't float rivers any more and haven't regretted it. I must say that a pram looks tempting when I'm sitting in a lake in January.
  7. cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

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    I have two but I haven't used them much since I bought my pontoon boat 8 or 9 years ago. I used to use it in lakes for trout and for bass. My pontoon carries so much more gear and alternate rods so easily. I can navigate very easily with my scuba fins. And I'm warmer when most of my body isn't submerged. But I can think of a few lakes (e.g., far end of Coldwater Lake) where the float tube is more portable and I should give it a try this summer.

  8. Skip Enge Active Member

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    THeee water sure is cold in January...the pram idea...I have built one "to be burned" once...a stitch patterned one...might just build one that'll float...Ha! ...

    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. - Henry David Thoreau"...

    Great quote! one of my favorites!
  9. LCnSac Active Member

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    I use my SFC for some walk-ins, when space is really tight in the trip vehicle, or when I just want to get something between me and the water for an hour or so because setup is so fast and easy. Pontoons take longer to set up and they're a little bulky at times, but I strongly prefer it over the tube for gear and moving around options. I use my skiff more in the winter or on bigger water or drifting a couple of rivers where I can motor back to the launch site.
  10. chewydog Active Member

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    I have several...just in case. I really like having the platform of a toon. Several years ago, I was in my toon and my 9 yr old grand daughter was in my v back tube. A micro burst of wind caught the v back and flipped her upside down. Of course she had the apron fully attached and couldn't exit the craft. Fortunately, she could keep her head in the air pocket until I arrived to pull her on board Very scary moment(s). Never been able to get any of the grandkids in a tube since.
  11. LCnSac Active Member

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    Along that line, one of our friends turtled in his SFC a few years ago, and we came within seconds of losing him. Since that day I've never gone out on a tube or toon without a life jacket. I hardly see anyone wearing them, and I'm glad I got that warning. The auto inflatables are so compact you forget you have them on.
  12. Skip Enge Active Member

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    I'm guilty...and I turtled once years you'd think I'd learn...happened to me on one of those "it's still there" hikes...overland in search of a tiny little "used to be" chock full of eager brookies...had to ford a stream...except to deep too wide...push off into tube a bit over zealously and like a cork flipped in white water...Yeah good post...I need enough reminders to get it through my thick old noggin!!!
  13. Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

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    My Water Master is superior in function and comfort to my float tubes. Setup takes a few minutes longer. But now that I have an Outcast Trinity that easily packs away into my Fishpond Tundra Tech Pack I probably won't carry the Kodiak more than a few hundred yards for a stillwater float.

    I love my family so I always wear a PFD; inflatable on lakes, Type III kayaker's vest on rivers.
  14. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    I still have a couple, but never use them. I had mine originally for hikes into certain lakes we camped on. Blew my back out, so rarely hike much anymore. But on lakes, I'd rather use a small pram, etc. But have found a new appreciation for kayaks. Just picked one up from one of my soldiers tonight in fact. So much faster to cover water. Yeah, I realize you can move and hold your own in some of the lake currents with fins. But when it's time to move, you can MOVE with an actual boat. Toons were just not meant (or designed) to be rowed like they are. They were designed to be rowed as correction for river currents. Too much work IMHO for lakes (though they do work well enough I guess).
  15. Bruce Baker Active Member

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    I have a WW Griggs float tube. I enjoy it a lot, except in extremely windy conditions. Some day I may consider a pontoon or sit on top kayak. I started wearing a PFD when using the float tube a few years ago. I'm looking for a new one because the current one tends to ride up on me. Looking at Stohlquist and NRS.
  16. bkerbs Member

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    Only in the late spring and summer do I use my float tube. It's nice to be in a float tube during summer months on the lake. Other than that I'm in my toon. In my toon I can use my fins, I have oars, I'm sitting out of the water and the cooler fits on the back of the boat. I bought my float tube so I could pack it into alpine lakes. Didn't get the chance this year, hopefully next year bodes well for a weekend hike to a lake.
  17. Krusty Active Member

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    Nope....for me, the sit-on-top kayak does it all. Warm weather, cold's the shizz-nits.
  18. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    Like Brian, I use my light weight Outcast Trinity tube when I need to pack in someplace too far to get into with my wood skiff.
    It's perfect for packing into the overhead compartment when flying, too. Mine came complete with a really nice day pack that fits the tube, fins, pump and all and I've fished a lot of ponds and lakes in other parts of the country and have been really happy that I had it along.
  19. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    I used a tube for many years before upgrading to a pontoon. Used that for several years before buying a pram last winter. After taking the pram out just once I completely forgot all about my tube and my pontoon.

    Fast forward to now- Got sent away from home for work for several months, and just the other day went and picked up a Fat Cat LCS. Took it out to Lone on Monday where I was promptly reminded why I love my pram so much. The tube is certainly convenient for my current situation- I can just throw it in the back of my rental car and head to the lake. But when I had it out Monday I was cold, it was very, very slow on the water, I wasn't able to bring my usual assortment of rods/gear, and I just didn't have as good of a time. I think my pram makes me a better fisherman for a few reasons, but I will probably keep the Fat Cat after I am done with this work assignement for use on my favorite local lake where pram access is difficult.
  20. troutpocket Active Member

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    I use my watermaster for the lakes I can drive to. I can bring as much stuff as I want, move by fins or oars, add the removable bottom in cold water (pram mode!), deal with bad weather, and it sets up in about 15 minutes. Also have a supercat mini pontoon boat for walk-in access lakes. I really like fishing out of the supercat but the amount of stuff I like to bring on lake trips has grown. It's a tradeoff between fishing quieter waters and having a cooler, several rigged rods, etc.