Does everybody smoke pot?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Panhandle, Mar 5, 2010.

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  2. I tried it twice. Both times it made me want to smoke more regular cigarettes to get the shitty taste out of my mouth.. I quit smoking all kinds of tobacco over 19 years ago. And I never felt better.
  3. I must hang out with the wrong crowd. Everyone I know are overly responsible parents and workers, obeying The Man (and The Kids) every moment.
  4. If something would alter my mental state I would take it. Uppers, downers, hallucinogens, pot, lsd, peyote, beer, whiskey, tequila, heroin, meth, coke, opium, magic mushrooms, you name it and I have likely used it unless it is something they just concocted in the past 20 years. I remember looking at a poster in the safety officer’s office of the construction company I used to work for. It listed just about every illicit drug known to man. I was standing there going down the list saying out loud to myself “that one, that one”, for almost the entire list when the safety gal ask me what I was doing. I ssid listing off all the ones I had taken. She was a bit taken back.

    Now days a couple of cups of strong coffee is about as crazy as I will get. Sometimes I might double up the recommended dose of Ibuprofen.
  5. Man I thought speed-balls were all the rage man im out of the loop. lol
  6. I grew up in northern California, you can smoke on the river and no cops would bug you because its technically decriminalized unless they were federal. So from guides to there clients a good 80% of people burn the wacky tobackie. now those are just the ones who do it in the open. I would much rather have a stoned guide than a drunk. California already has laws written for legalization and taxation, just not in place. what a random topic.
  7. It seems that I get (read take) so litle time to fish anymore, what with being caught up in all of those trappings that I said I would never get caught up in , that when I fish that is all I do. I am lucky to remember to hydrate when on stream or on the beach. Having said that, the euphoria I experience on the beach when I actually hook up with a decent fish is such that any enhacement could quite possibly produce a reaction / celebration not suitable for a public beach.
    Should I retire and have accasion to sepnd more time fishing...........who knows what I might partake in.
  8. OMJ. You must have been in bad shape back then.:rofl:
  9. Only when fishing with chronies, buggers, nymphs, emergers,dry's,etc.etc.
  10. I'm stickin' with health food, home baked bread, good ale and lots of unpolluted air. After 71 years I have never smoked a cigarette of any kind, done any drugs and have for the most part given junk food a wide berth. The reward is good health so far (knock on wood!), blood pressure of 118 over 70, weight right at 170# and absolutely no medication save for some pain medication from time to time. My back was injured in a plane crash back in the 70's but usually only hurts when I overdo the physical stuff.

    Our bodies usually come with the required number of organs to last a lifetime and should function to the end with reasonable care. Abusing them will only shorten their life and make our lives miserable toward the end. Just when you want to retire and enjoy the bounty of all you have worked for you realize that your previous bad judgement has precluded any possibility of that happening. Being retired for 10 years now I know lots of retired folk and believe me, a healthy one is the exception rather than the rule. Many are on so many meds that life is just what happens between doctor visits. You don't want to be those people when you retire.

    So straighten up. Stop polluting your organs with dope, tobacco and crappy food. Be kind to your heart, kidneys, lungs and brain. None of that shit grows back once you fuck it up. You're on your own.

  11. I think that for obvious reasons, you're not going to get the answer you seek on a public forum of this type
  12. With all due respect, this is America. We can always buy a new one! lol
  13. iagree In the most part. I still have all I was born with. Gonna get to that big 75 tomorrow. All that is missing is about 1/2 inch of skull.

  14. Happy Birthday Old Man! 75 is nothin to sneeze at!
  15. Have a hard time threading a #22 dry and focus on its drift........I get into the fishing mode zone as long as I keep reminding myself that I am in the river fishing.
  16. "None of that shit grows back once you fuck it up. You're on your own."

    Very true Ive!! It's also heard that "Good Judgement comes from Experience . . . and most of that comes from Bad Judgement"

    Most of us aren't lucky enuf to have had that good judgement in our younger years so we pay for it later ~

    Damn Pan - you sure are judgemental for a Deadhead! ;)


  17. Ive I was doing a backpacking trip a few years ago. Came across four fellows on Quads, they were smoking and overweight, nice guys. But, after talking to them I told them I was 62 and they said, "you can hike 15 miles at 62?" They were in their fifties, smoked, drank, and didn't exercise and they all had lung and heart problems. Illegal drug use, drinking beyond sensible moderation, and smoking are not conducive to good health in your senior years. Their doctors had told them their life expectancy was only 70 years and they were closing in fast and all said they wished they had lived a cleaner lifestyle. I'm so grateful I never started smoking or drinking, I exercise by walking about 6 - 8 miles everyday. Try not to overeat and it has served me well. I climbed Mt. Adams when I was 61. Ive, you are right on!
    (So straighten up. Stop polluting your organs with dope, tobacco and crappy food. Be kind to your heart, kidneys, lungs and brain. None of that shit grows back once you fuck it up. You're on your own.)


  18. I'm in the same boat. We were told if a deer runs out and we hit it, we get tested. My reply was maybe you should test the deer.

    Pan, does this informal poll have anything to do with the new Aussie report that the long term use of marijuna can lead to : (1) The increased risk of devolping hallucinations, "do you see that pig, he's right there gota be over 20." (2) Delusions and psychosis; " All the fish I land are over 20, all on dries, which is the only way to fish, which makes me a god."

    We don't have that kind of crap in flyfishing..........:beer1:
  19. Referring back to How any people smoke...I'd had to agree! I know many people, young and old who smoke weed. The younger people do it more for a social aspect, some never grow out of it. The older guys I'm sure started out the same way, more as a social aspect, but now its preferred over drinking. I see the same amount from both young and old. I don't get involved in the stuff, but everyone has their addiction...some addiction just can help you live longer then others. My addiction is sports...the rush of competition thrills, excites, and calms me all at the sametime...
  20. Smokin' weed is just an excuse to eat Nacho Cheese Doritos.
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