Does tradition matter while steelheading

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steelheadjunky, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. 100 replies for the worst thread ever :rofl:

    I love this sheite
  2. Interesting

    I heard that some swingers not only do not see nymphers as flyfishing, but as not fishing at all. They just simply see a man at rivers edge flailing his arms violently in some sort of paganistic ritual. ;)

    I do both and love both. Tradition is not really something I pay attention to, in fact I just set up a christmas tree for the upcoming start of spring and just blew out the seventh candle of hannukah.
  3. I like sex
  4. Zen, I gotta agree that this thread is about beat to death, but it is a fishing thread. I am enjoying seeing the varying points of view on this board. Especially since I spent the last week and a half hearing and experiencing these points of view on the Hoh and Queets. I already know were some of the senior members of this board stand and they themselves are of differing opinions. In the end, as long as the indiviual at the other end of that rod has respect for the creature he is pursuing is all that matters. If anyone has bothered to read all of the posts on this thread they would start to see that this is a hot issue because people care. The asshole James Steve and I saw on the queets drinking and killing wild fish does not care, and he is the one that our hostilities should be pointed toward.

  5. Word!:thumb:
  6. Everyone has had an opportunity to speak their mind with this thread. I think it's time to close it up and let it drift on by. If you didn't get a chance to post in this one, I'm sure you will have a shot when it comes up again.
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