Does WDFW hate Rattlesnake Lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Rob Hardman, May 4, 2014.

  1. Sure seems like it's getting neglected on catchable plants these last few years.
    This year may be going to be better than last. One stock so far with 2400.
    2013: 700
    2012: 2900
    2011: 3000
    2010: 6500
    2009: 10000
    2008: 11000
    2007: 13000
    Anyone have any insight? I realize there have been budget issues, so I checked out some of the other King Co lakes as well. Here's a sampling:
    Lake Desire has had a decent increase in stocking numbers the last four years.
    Beaver Lake has also gone up.
    Meridian has maintained, with a bump last year up to about 20000.
    Can't find any other C&R lakes in King Co to compare to.
  2. Oh wait. May have answered my own question. In what year did RSL go to C&R? Is that when the sharp decline started?
  3. Rob
    You also have to remember they are putting 204 trips sometime in May and each winter they stock fingerlings in Nov 2013 (CT and RB). I think 3,000 and 7000 according to the 2014 stocking plan.

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  4. Good point, Mark. I only looked at catchable plants, not fry. Thanks for pointing that out.
  5. You just answered your first question. The goal is to have a fishery with fewer but much larger fish, much like Pass. They cut the number of trips in half, it all depends on the food source and winter survival rate. I used to fish it quite a bit, not so much the last 3 years, but not because of going to C&R. Lat year I did get into a few 20" + fish in my super secret spot { stumps in the west end!}. If you want lot's of fish go to Greenlake in N.Seattle: 18,000 fish & 442 of them Trips. You will have the pleasure of fishing with half of the states population of Eastern bigotry here as I am 1/2 Russian. I grew up at Lower Woodland/Greenlake and learned how to fish there....still go back ONCE each year. If you are on a boat, the view of the track on a sunny weekend afternoon is worth the price of admission!

  6. Ditto on Greenlake this time of year if you want stockies. Last night just before dark the water was blowing up with risers. Fun to watch. Unfun because i didn't have a rod on me.
  7. Yeah...nah. I'd still rather have a 3 fish day at RSL than a 20 fish day at Greenlake. I was just bitching because just a couple years ago it was uncommon to get fewer than eight or ten at Rattlesnake, with a good day being 15-20, but last year and this year have been pretty poor. (Unless your name is Mark Yoshida ;) )
    I usually chat with whoever is there when I'm there and have been hearing the same thing.
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  8. Haha fair enough. I live a couple of blocks away, so i don't mind kicking around in greenlake when i can only get out for an hour or two.

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