Dogs you've fished with? A cat?

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  1. No idea why this crossed my mind at 0130 last night but that's the start of my 'Work Day.' But all good friends: Tuck, Husky, 'Boggie,' Sandy, Sheba come to mind. Even two cats that just slept in the Motor Home or on the passenger seat in the Jeep.

    Sandy is flaked out on top of 'our bed;' must go give a cuddle. Love him but he's got 0400 wired into his brain for his breakfast. Huge head and VERY WET NOSE poking you on the side of the face. "Ignore" is not a word he knows.

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  2. Only good cat is a dead cat
  3. Naw. Our cats help warm the bed before we kick them off. Of course then the fur balls jump back up and cuddle up next to us ;). Best part is, with a clean cat box, water, and a full food dispenser we can take off and leave them for a week.
  4. I would consider bringing my Maine Coon with me, were it not for the fear that she would probably end in the water like the cat in this video clip.

  5. Tango the Mutt...before he had a run on the D named after him. He was a true member of the family. Damn, I miss that dog.
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  6. Fishing with a Newfoundland.


    I took my newf fishing with me once in the sled. After 20 minutes of screwing around in the river I was finally able to get Kuma out of the water and into the boat and we were underway. While heading upriver he decides he wants to go swimming some more and bails out of the boat. There is no way I can lift 190 pounds worth of soggy Newfoundland back into the boat so I "herd" him to shore and re-load his ass back on board. Underway again heading upriver and the dumbshit jumps out of the boat again. Repeat previous procedure and get the dumbass back into the boat. This time we head back to the launch. Kuma no longer fishes with me when I am using the sled.
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  7. Classic Posting!
  8. He looks like Chewbacca's younger brother!!! :)
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  9. Had him in the boat and on the bank since 7 weeks old.

    314.JPG jr.JPG 187.JPG
  10. Hey Fred, My Wiener Dog "Baxter" is about the size of a Cat. He loves to go fishing but HATES water.
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  11. I took my dog fishing once. He jumped out of the boat once. Getting a 12 pound ShiTzu out of the water sounds much easier than a 190 Newf. Yeh, He didn't go fishing with me after that. He liked going for rides in the car and truck, but, not the boat.
  12. I'd like to take my neighbor's cats fishing (especially the one that pissed in my garage last weekend while I was raking-up the same neighbor's leaves.). I wonder if sturgeon would hit them?
  13. I'll bet a lingcod would...

    there were several (as in around a dozen) around our old place that I would have loved to do the same...Once Tango passed, instead of dog shit, I had to go out and pick up the cat shit from the neighbor's cats...I'd much rather deal with dog shit than cat shit.
  14. Cat shit is indeed vile, toxic stuff. The box trap is set, baited with sardines, and camouflaged with leaves . . . my NEIGHBOR'S leaves. I love an ironic twist to an ambush . . .
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  15. pugs like to row my camera 083.JPG
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  16. Pete and Pepper on the bow. I never should have started this as it has become their favorite place in the boat! image.jpg
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  17. The dreaded and feisty Norwegian Catfish!!!
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  18. I thought this was a fly fishing site!;)

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