Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by stewart dee, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Who is throwing a chum swap? I would love to get in on it since those buggers are only a few weeks out. Last year I brought a healthy one in Oct. 1st while catching Coho.
  2. Count me in. I have two patterns in mind, a sparse comet-style and a small leach-type pattern.
  3. We need a manager......... maybe Mumbles?
  4. Mumbles is pretty busy right now and has a snap swivel swap that you shoud join. Stewart Dee, you should be ashamed of yourself for not stepping up and getting it rolling yourself. If you host it I will tie. Hosting a swap need not be tough or take you off the water much. Your waders still won't have time to dry out.
  5. I don't tie anymore... but I wouldn't be mad if someone just gave me a bunch of chum flies :D
  6. You host a face to face, coordinate it all, brew some good beer and I'd tie an extra for the non tying swap meister!
  7. now beer making... that's a whole other story. i do still make that!
  8. Evan is throwing a homebrew drinking, chum fly swap? I'm in for sure. The extra fly for the non tyer, is like the old three-fer tokens.
  9. i would do a face to face dog swap. I could bring some home brew as well...
  10. So whats the game plan? I am looking to swap some dirty Intruders.
  11. Stewie Dee, go to the Fly Swap sub forum and kick it off! If you post it they will come.
  12. Glad he follows his instructions.

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