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  1. I was grabbing stuff at the dollar store while camping, and noticed a really frayed bungee cord. I realized it w as made out of rubber strands. I bought a few and found out some have different sizes and colors. This may be totally common knowledge, but it was a new idea to me....and and after cutting a few open, I have black, tan, and white legs for life in three different sizes!
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  2. Excellent! I guess I knew that, but not quite consciously
  3. nice stripping the bands out of old undewear.
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  4. ...and used jockstraps.
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  5. good find on an old tying tip. i hope you didn't throw out the sheath covering the rubber bands. that too could be useful for tying flies

    dont throw out those old electrical appliances. yards of copper wire in the cords
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  6. Good tip.

    When it comes to wire, you also want to grab any worn out automotive relays you may come across. Sometimes, the relays contain fine wire in a multitude of different colors. Before modules replaced relays in automobiles, I had the techs at the dealership give me any relays they replaced. Many were constructed with very fine, colored wire that is extremely difficult to locate for purchase.

    I have a limited supply of very fine sized green, purple and bronze wire that I use for ribbing.
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  7. Years ago we use to use golf ball windings. :D
  8. do they have barred orange?
  9. Maybe you could dig some out of this. C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_vuw040-1.jpg

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