Dollies in the salt

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by LDR, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. All this talk about dolly fishing has piqued my interest. Anybody have any luck consistently catching them in the salt? Maybe as bycatch while fishing for searun cutts? I haven’t done much fishing in the salt, or estuaries, but am looking to in the next few months, mainly in the north sound - snohomish estuary up to Skagit estuary area. Any suggestions on places where I could hopefully tangle with dollies and cutts?
  2. I used to catch them consistently in the swinomish channel by laconner using spoons (read 20+ years ago)from the beaches south of Laconner on the skagit side.

    these were N fork Skagit fish, and time was march and april as I recall.

    sorry, not much help, but a fun way to spend the day looking!

    Jim W
  3. I've not had consistent success catching Dollies in the salt. I've picked up a few while fishing for cutthroat and resident coho, mostly along the northerly beaches (as far south as Picnic Point). A friend reported catching them with some regularity off the beaches of Camano Island, but that was mostly in the late spring and summer.
  4. Ditto on the time frame, but you will see smaller numbers of fish by march. The Dolly's are already leaving the rivers and they are accessable to catch in the salt now. I have one spot that I fish and consistantly catch them in the salt, but I'd have to kill you if I told you where it is. They can be alot of fun, and fish after fish action will last for 30-45 min. during the flood tide where I go. Each spot will differ from the next, but look for areas with ledges and channels where the bait fish will congragate or pass in schools, the Dolly's will gorge on the bait during the flood. I'm still learning the SRC tricks in the salt, in fact I stumbled upon this Dolly fishery while searching out SRC's. Have a blast, it can be alot of fun. If anyone wants to trade some SRC action for some Dolly action, I may even swap spots without having to kill you.}(

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